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  1. Here we go again if I could send my certificate back I would THE STICKER IS A UK GARISON STICKER to show he’s been cleared there are to many cooks on here this kit is way and above the MEPD standards better than some swat ! Jump through hoops this is, We have to do all this to clear in uk garrison as our standards are the highest in the world ! I love the 501st and what we do but this sucks the life out of it
  2. Thank you for your quick reply , I am over the moon sorry for any inconvenience and thank you very much for your time , Dream come true ! My nick names is Murdock so if i could have this it would be great, picture to follow again thank you for your time and effort and thank you for any inconvenience i am prod to serve with the MEPD
  3. Thank you for your time ,After waiting for 45 days with excitement and anticipation i was looking forward to your reply , This is the straps weathered as they have always been Here are pictures of sand trooper packs all at different heights on the screen, I admit the pack that's similar to mine is higher up but as I am not going for swat this is irrelevant I know i will not win,but this is a matter of principle, there is nothing wrong with my kit it is perfect and telling me there is do my local clearance team a disservice, as they have very high standards , It is like you had to pick me up for something so you for the sake of it , just very funny how you can clear plastic pipe packs , vac formed sonix radios rong blue paint on seed trays and other unsightly misdemeanors like Armour that's not right. But my pack is too low and my straps are not dirty enough so on that note , Ill say goodbye and thank you theres good guys full of knowledge in this group and its a shame I will just stay non MEPD Thank you for all your help it's been great fun.
  4. Thank you for your time ,So what your saying is I need to pull my straps up on my pack , and make my dirty straps that can’t be seen dirtyer , Because it’s not screen accurate Then I can join , I’ll have a think about it thank you
  5. Thank you m8 , looking forward to it , I just wondered if there might be a delay but excited to hopefully be part of MEPD fingers crossed
  6. Thank you for your comments people fingers crossed
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