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  1. What secret? The colour? Today i had the first fitting. Everything fits perfectly. Biceps, forearms are only fixed with tape, now I'll stick the rubber on. Then shorten the belt and the shims. Then I'll think about the helmet.
  2. Today, a little work on the kidney. Yesterday glued, today filled, sanded and painted. But only in the grinding area. Found a color that exactly matches the ABS.
  3. Just a little bit of work today. Prepared for widening: Sand down the ABS plate to 0.3mm so that the transition fits, bend and glue on the counterplate. Adjust Bells & Biceps:
  4. Used a vacation day and continued working: Shoulder rubbers revised and a snap button sewn on: The rest is almost done: Tonight I sewed and glued hooks on the elastic: What is still to be done? - Adjusting the shoulder bells and biceps - Attach a widening to the kidney (i'm a little bigger ...) - Build a helmet. I have four kits here (DA, RWA, TM & RS). I still have to choose one.
  5. Work for this day is done. Yesterday I removed all returnedges of the forearms (inner elbow curve and wrist), cut the forearms a bit and glued them together. Today I cut the coverstripes according to Paul's pictures. Thighs are also cropped and dry. Yes, my coverstripes are 15 mm on the biceps and forearms. Thighs are 20 mm. I had to do 24 mm on the lower legs because of my calves. I already had it with my old armor, you don't notice (the big boy in the front): And here my daily work:
  6. Lars, this is a absolute great trooper. But note, you need a Backpack for Level 2. Regards, bigwam
  7. The forearms were actually done. After Paul's post, I took everything apart again. Returnedges all cut off. Cut the forearms there like Paul said. When I found pictures on his FB page, it all made sense to me: This coverstripe gave me a headache. But now that I see it cut off, everything was clear. The shins are finished in front. I know they're a bit wider, but I have big calves. I had to do it like this with the Latvian. Based on the pictures I cut the stripes accordingly: Before that, I had shown German thoroughness. Everything exactly in the middle. The ends are nice and clean, rounded off, no sharp edges. Like my first trooper (photo below): Then I saw these pictures and the pictures of Paul and I thought F *** off. No more thoroughly. Let's make it accurate: corners, edges, sharp corners, crooked and crooked ... The day's work is done. Biceps ready, shins almost, forearms dry, thighs trimmed.
  8. @Larsb access granted, welcome Trooper!!
  9. Thanks Paul, I know about the return edge. I leave a really small piece because of the stability. It is not really a return edge, only half an milimeter. But i can cut it away.
  10. Today, i work on the forearms and Biceps. Before I cut the coverstripes wrong again, I put paul's picture next to it. I still remember that when I made the first armor I cut without thinking and then I was missing material ...
  11. I would like to start a WIP about the build of my new Sandtrooper. Why a new one? Well, the old one is getting on in years and after almost 60 uses the first signs of fatigue are showing. I have chosen the "Roadblock Private" as a model. I have almost finished the backpack: Like my first armor, I wanted one from Troopermaster again. I was very satisfied with the quality. In the meantime Paul has revised his forms and I now have the replacement armor. You can see a few differences. He has based himself even more closely on the original. I will gradually show the differences in the construction. The armor is now trimmed: Now it's time to adjust. I'll start with the forearms. Here is the comparison to the old ones:
  12. For PO - Level 2 - you need a backpack. The normal sandtrooper wears a Backpack. If you will emulate a certain Trooper without Backpack, this is only for Level 3. But for PO - Level 2 - you need a Backpack, like the standard Sandtrooper in the Movie.
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