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  1. Great work, i will start your review soon. Please - don´t forget the pics from your weapon!
  2. Hello Jeff, you still have the member status. For the acceptance of the PO application you need the sandtrooper status. Please request this status here: Before you set the pictures, please note this thread:
  3. bigwam

    TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    46. Modellbautage Fürstenfeldbruck, 09.03.2019
  4. bigwam

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

  5. What?? You don´t like the chipped paint? I love chipped paint. For the rust i paint it first silver, then brown and a little bit black. No, it´s not on the raw cast. The texture on the black color ist wrinkle paint. In Germany we say "Schrumpflack" or "Kräusellack". After painting, it takes about three hours to form this texture.
  6. bigwam

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Why not? If he need a UP90 for his Pack and he will build it screen accurate. Courageous and good work!
  7. After giving my last bapty to my son (heroma97), I had to build a new one. The basis was a doopy kit. Here are pictures of the construction: First - mill and grind ... ... and grind ...
  8. bigwam

    Tunisian Bapty DTL19 Plans?

    John, send me your email and i will send you the drawing and measuring from us
  9. bigwam

    Detachment Leader 2019