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  1. The MP40 with toolpouch is ok for the shoulder. For the hip, no one of them for level 2 & 3. For basic ask your gmo, i don't like them for the hip. They are not screen accurate. The Pauldron looks good.
  2. Is the frame metal or plastic? If metal gets its scratches over time ---
  3. Hello Cesar, please listen to me briefly before you continue to add pictures. You must please accept advice given to you. I showed you the correct link to introduce your armor - you are setting it wrong again. Your pictures are always on the side, my head is slowly hurting from turning. Your pictures are mostly too small, I asked you to use free providers like "diretupload" or something similar to post larger pictures. I have now moved your thread, rotated the images and set them correctly, please pay attention to this. Thanks you! The elastic to connect the chest and back is too narrow. It has to be wider. And the push button to connect the shoulder bell, should, if you want level 2, be sewn on. And that should still be removed, doesn't belong to a Sandie: Look here:
  4. Hello Cesar, looks pretty good, unfortunately the pictures are a bit small. Try it with directupload. And please, start a new thread in the right sub-forum, then we can concentrate on your armor there alone. This is the introduction thread for new members. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/3-sandtrooper-armor/
  5. Not separately? OK, i don´t know them. Hmmm, on Facebook is a member from the UK-Garrison, Trevor Mckenna. He builds backpacks, you could maybe ask him.
  6. I know RS-Props from UK.
  7. No problem, level 2 is also a standard that not everyone has. You don't have to emulate a specific trooper to do this. The only goal is, as you say: a good-looking Sandie
  8. Hi Cesar, I am happy to hear that you are aiming for PO and SWAT. Improving one's armor is always desirable. If you are aiming for level 3 (SWAT), you are emulating a specific trooper. That means, you have to weather your armor exactly as in the film model. You also have to build your blaster and backpack exactly as your dream trooper carries them. Ready-made backpacks that are suitable for level 3 are not sold anywhere. The finished packs mostly correspond to level 2 (PO) and look quite good, but you have to consider: There are many special features of the packs from the fil that you have to copy for level 3: damage, certain paintwork, the position of the components. Have a look at the build threads here in the forum, browse the SWAT forum. If you have a particular trooper in mind, study them. Pay attention to the specifics. How is the weathering, does the armor or helmet have any special features (number of tube stripes, flaking, ...), how is the backpack constructed ... It's not always easy, but it is an exciting challenge. And when you have level 3 then you deserve it and wear the patch with pride. Even if you aim for level 2, it is an improvement on the basic level. The armor, the appearance - everything is closer to the film model. And that's what we want. And here, too, your efforts will be awarded a certificate and a special coin. I would be happy to read more from you in the near future. Don't hesitate to start a WIP. Best regards, bigwam
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