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  1. Yes, but Martin will fix it. I lost my rear sight on the first troop, as he flipped up.
  2. 20. Wedding surprise by Urs / Konstanz
  3. 19. Spalier at a wedding with Chris, Günzburg - 08.08.2017
  4. I´m not by a zip tie. When you look, there is still something down. Perhaps something was knotted? Rubber band?
  5. Thats possible, yes.
  6. Next mystery Part is on the Lower side of the mortar tube. This was fixed with a rubber band, Cable or similar.
  7. Great and thanks, Urs! You think the same like me. If you look the filmclips in slow motion, you can see, that radio and Syphon are not fixed.
  8. So, i´m looking for some details on the Pack#4. On the Radio, you can see tapes. But the question is - is the radio taped on the seed tray? What do you think? I mean, the tape is on the radio and on the seedtray.
  9. Berkal (ask him) or Gibbon (angryapeprops)
  10. Another Question about a detail on the Radio or Seedtray. What do you think - is this only a tape on the seedtray or around radio and seedtray?
  11. Great, i like this built! Only i think, the belt (Canvas) a little bit more dirty.
  12. Looks good, dude!
  13. Hi Ben! Great! Only a few small things to change! A little work with no much time for that. Good luck! Thomas
  14. I will built the Backpack #4 in the next time. I´m looking for pics of this detail on the backpack: Troopers, what did you use for this Parts? Are this only some tubes? Show me your #4 packs, please! Thanks for your help!!
  15. Thanks!