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  1. Hello Chris, welcome here in the MEPD ! Regards bigwam
  2. Great Costumes, welcome here in MEPD. Regards bigwam
  3. I bought this Pouch on ebay. Also not bad. A German Beltpouch from the 2WW, used by the NSKK (thats the description). I think, the dimensions are good. Look the comparison to the MG-15 Grip:
  4. Paul's parts are great. Everything very high quality. My two TD's are from Paul. Yes, weathering is a challenge. But the good thing about these colors is that if you don't like them, just wash them off. It will take a few days for them to dry out.
  5. Hi, for Point 1 - 5, ask Paul from Troopermaster. I think, he can help you. He is working on a Anovos Anovos Armor in the last time. Pics of them are on his Facebook Side. For the weathering, i use this colors from Vallejo: - tierra Earth - chocolate brown - leather Brown - black Regards, bigwam
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