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  1. 63. 1. Film- und Comicbörse Kirchheim Teck. 11.09.2021
  2. Congratulation, next step: PO
  3. @nzpete @prudewicz86 access granted, welcome!
  4. Please make sure that the cover stripes should end here:
  5. bigwam

    TK to TD

    Your smile is incredible
  6. Like Hausi said, basic is no Problem and PO? The same ...
  7. bigwam

    TK to TD

    Great, really better. But, Paint the inner side of the Plunger Cap Black again.
  8. bigwam

    TK to TD

    Yep, thats it. Looks good. Very good.
  9. Wow, absolute great! After Basic, PO!
  10. bigwam

    TK to TD

    Hi Willi, i like your built! Yes, there are some shiny spots on the armor. It could be the exposure of the photos or the incidence of light. If necessary, do a light wash over it again and the problem is solved. RAL 7031 is actually also the right color. Again, it can be due to the camera setting or the light. Did you use a semi-gloss clear coat? You don't actually need it on your backpack. Just take pictures in indirect light or in the shady area (not too dark). Although I think it's because of the camera setting when you look at the lush green lawn and the bright red. I think the pack is well built, great work. Regards bigwam (Thomas)
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