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  1. Star Wars Double Feature Episode 7 & 8 - 13.12.2017 in Neu-Ulm:
  2. You can see it on the picture in the first post. I think this is an original UP90 and not shortened.
  3. Great build!!
  4. Strider used an UP90 for his Pack, this is shorter. Some Packs were built with an UP90 and some with an UP100. The Move Along Pack is built with an UP90.
  5. Spielemesse Stuttgart, with TD-22997 & TD-21027
  6. I'll cross my fingers for you
  8. Congratulations Trooper!
  9. Great!!!!! I love this beast! Absolutely Great!!
  10. Wow, this is great. I think, this is the best built!
  11. No problem, it´s ok. So - good luck for the review and welcome soon to the PO!
  12. It is not so important for PO, but is it possible, to flip the whole radio?