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  1. bigwam

    TD 10678 Skull Garrison

    Hello Arturo, thank you for the new pics - but let me say: no review We all will see the pics and we don´t want click any link to see them. Don´t show the link, we will see the pic here. Sorry. No Pics for all, no review. But one thing I noticed, it's not your pack? Or did the sun of tatooine burn my head too long?
  2. bigwam

    TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    39: American Fan Fest - NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, Hockenheimring, Day 2, 16.09.18
  3. bigwam

    TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    38: American Fan Fest - NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, Hockenheimring, Day 1. 15.09.18
  4. Kainan thanks for the new pics. There are some things, i have seen on the armor. Some little difference on the weathering: Look at the breast plate (Pic 1). And there are some distinctive points on the belt and the Abdomen. It seems as if the belt has slipped down and there is no weathering on the Abdomen (Pic 2). A few small things but they are typical for the Move along Captain. Is it also possible to get some Pics from the right side of the right tigh? And Please the whole armor from all sides. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi Kainan, Thanks for the new pics. I will do my best in the next time. Note: no cable ties on the siphon! It makes sense to cut the old one?
  6. Before i can start the last part of the review, please show me new pics from the armor from all sides. I see, you have done something on the weathering. It is not so heavy/strong like on your first pics. But please - show me new pics from the armor and all details. Thanks Kainan!
  7. Ok Kainan, here is Part 2 of my Review: the Helmet: Helmet Green Lenses: check Paint Color on Traps / Tears: check Paint Color and Number of Teeth: check Mic Tips: see comments Vocoder Color: check Tube Stripes: check Rank Bar: check Brow: check Side Screws (ears): check Weathering: see comments Specials (ears): see comments **Additional comments** 1. Please check the markant Spots: 2. - Please draw the black lines a little bit thicker - the chipped paint around the scratch makes it stand out/makes it seem more pronounced 3. - look at the eyes, they are not round - more angular. - Trapeze: paint more in the corner 4. - Mictips: only the inner circle is white: 5. the same as on the right side: note the gaps at the ear and the corner in the eye: Kainan, again only a few little things, but the special make the helmet! I think that will not be a problem for you! Best Regards bigwam
  8. bigwam

    *DONE* TD-79008 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulation Trooper!
  9. Ok Kainan, so let´s go. First, let me say, the "move along trooper" is the TD with the most reference pics from helmet, armor and backpack. The quality of the pics are better, since BluRay, HD and so on. A lot has happened in the last few months. New material was discovered, new findings made. There is more work for every new SWAT-Candidate ... and more work for us for the review. So, it needs time, to do the review. Please be patient. And do not be angry with me if I complain something - the requirements increase with the quality of the pictures. Ok, i said, it is a lot of work and i need time, to do it. So i do the review one by one. First, i will start with the Backpack: Backpack Details: see comments Weathering: check **Additional Comments** First, let me say, you have done a lot of work on your pack, great! But like i said, there are some good and high quality pics, where you can see some differences: - Please shorten your bottles. They are to long. - change the Tupperware pudding cups against Rubber cups from a rubber toliettplunger (a new detail, that was found out). (see the pics) - look at the position of the bottle too, it is shorter than the radar dish. - also a new detail: there are no syphons with cable ties as ribs allowed. There are now many manufacturers who copy the shire very well. Note: Watch the length! On the "Move along Pack" is a Shires UP90, it is a little bit shorter than a UP100 (2,5 cm). - you've cut the detail on the mortar tube to clean. A praise to your work, but they worked not so good on the original backpack. Look, the corners are sharp, the cuts crooked: - there is also a glue spot on the Mortar tube: - the position of the tape is wrong. Look, yours makes an arrow down, the original one arrow up: - the kink in the karrimor frame is bigger: - the gape between the shotgunshells is bigger: - left side of the Pack: - there is some blue/grey primary colour on the brexton box visible - there is some red primary colour visible on the crossbelt of the Karrimor frame. - put your radio a little big higher. So, the gap is smaller between Radio and Brexton Box. - the holder of the Gio-Style is black: - there are some scratches and abraisons on the frame, not all is black. - please mount the leather straps on the bottom of the radio So, this is the first Part of my review. There is something to do, but you can do it. I´m sure. For some help, look at this Thread from strider: Kainan, let´s go - you can do it. Best Regards bigwam.
  10. bigwam

    *DONE* TD-79008 Requesting Deployment

    Please shorten the straps of the backpack:
  11. Good morning Kainan, I will do the review of your trooper. Please be patient, I have to try my database to make some adjustments. Please take a few pictures of your backpack. From all sides and a few detail pictures. Many Thanks, bigwam
  12. Look, this is wrong. You must fix the elastic band with a snap fastener. And the snap fastener must been sewn.:
  13. bigwam

    E-11 stands

    Looks very nice!
  14. bigwam

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

  15. The best is, use an original karrimor frame and put your parts on it. So you can modify all for your "look sir droids" pack.