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  1. Lets´s go. This morning, we made the pics. It was very cold .... the leather of hte pauldron was hard. It wasn't exactly round, it kept bending straight through the cold. Please excuse this. You can't really see the fold and kink either, I'll attach an extra picture. The weathering of the Armor is two layers of black wash and three layers of earth wash. The spots are made with black.
  2. Pauldron & RTC-97 (not easy to show the weathering on the black pauldron)
  3. First the usual, necessary detailed images: Armor, Pouches, Snaps & Screws:
  4. Name: Thomas Herodek Legion ID #: TD-30571 Forum Name: bigwam Garrison: German Garrison Trooper Emulated: Roadblock Private with RTC-97 Deployed Police Officer: yes Deployed SWAT: yes: Ok what is there to say. I built a new Sandtrooper and if possible based on a film model. I chose the "Roadblock Private", which is next to the "Move Along" Trooper. What is special about the trooper? On the one hand he wears the "Davin Felth" helmet, wears (mostly) cheesegraters, has the as yet undefined "Roadblock Pouch" ... Those were things that didn't cause any problems. What were the difficulties? You take a troope from a scene to recreate it as true to the film as possible. There are a few problems with the Roadblock private: on the one hand, he changes gloves (once he has cheesegraters, then normal handplates in the front view) and the breastplate is different in the front view, here too the armor was changed once. What to do? Well, with the gloves I decided on the cheesegraters from the side view and with the breastplate for the front view, but with a slight transition from weathering to side view, that it just goes together. View from the back: the pouch is over the shoulder. View from the front: the pouch is under the shoulder ... Difficulties for me are the different versions of the films. Blue-Ray & 4K. Without a doubt, 4k has a sharper image and you can see more details, but a lot has also been "beautified" and other things disappear or are overdrawn. I initially decided on the Blu-ray but took over things from the 4k for certain details. Here are links to the armor and backpack build reports:
  5. Do the rest of work: Weathering and some modifications ...
  6. Do the Rest of work (weathering & chips):
  7. When you will buy the Plunger (for the caps) this is the right: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Monument-Large-force-cup-Plunger/dp/B0001P0F40/ref=sr_1_121?dchild=1&keywords=plunger&qid=1613499376&sr=8-121 And the brexton: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Coll-Brexton-Food-Box-Bakelite-Sandwich-Retro-Picnic-Hamper-Caravan-MINT/254739949451?hash=item3b4faf278b:g:Ok0AAOSw2bVfexKn
  8. Welcome back! Yes, Brexit is bad. Basic approval is carried out by your garrison. Pay attention to the requirements for PO (Level 2) when building - and please note, you need a backpack for PO:
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