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  1. Painting of Storage Box for armor

    I opted to do vinyl stickers , no weathering yet and I will add stickers as I go along Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    6/9 birthday/graduation party and painting reveal
  3. 1st troop today as a Sandtrooper and deployed MEPD officer ! Arrest #1 6/25/2017 night at the movies, the Shore church, Sarasota FL. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    11 troops towards Rough necks!!
  5. TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    Orlando Megacon 2018 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    Been a few since last update , I’ll add the good ones to catch up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Beautiful! Pricing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. TheSwede`s "look Sir! droids" SWAT build [RS]

    Love my RS kit! Excited to watch your build!
  9. Henselmonster Backpack Build

    What are your thoughts in connecting the seed trays together? I was trying to figure out something sturdy yet accessible .
  10. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Got a new PVC RS bucket in the box and I feel the same way!
  11. First build - Weathering my Sandtrooper

    Looking great!
  12. TD build for my wife - Anovos conversion

    Great work Guys!! Meredith and I are following closely! John when you are ready to tackle anovos kit #2 with that sous vide let me know
  13. I have one of the Gordinator cisterns I was going to list for sale , I never modified it. I paid like $40 plus shipping shipping in us should be less than $5 I would think
  14. Good deal on Hyperfirm T-21

    that is a great price they were at least $100 more when they produced them
  15. m4vrick Backpack Build *DONE*

    quick question , Pretty sure the answer is no but hey.. worth asking.. Adding the hinges to the radio as long ast it does not change the look of the radio is passable for SWAT correct?
  16. Sandys deployed in Central Florida

    Hey I am more west coast Tpa Squuad but am willing to drive! We have tickets for Orlando Megacon for Friday and Saturday . I hated to miss the parade this year but I had to fill a special request for Vader at the Sarasota parade the same day.
  17. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper (Edited with Picture)

    Swat does require specific emulation of the chosen trooper. I personally like the fullers earth in a couple methods , paint on wet and clean most off then follow up with the final applying dry to wet hairspray and finishing off with a good coat of hairspray. Then whenever, if ever you want to change your weathering wash it and it will come off. Dutchy hit the nail on the head do what you like most. What you want it t look like.
  18. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper (Edited with Picture)

    In the mean time I would buy some fullers earth to add weathering to the kit. RS typically only does a single color in acrylic . Fullers earth or grout works great. Trooperbay sells cheap packs in 3 colors
  19. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper (Edited with Picture)

    send him a pm either here and see if there are any extras. The run was back in november
  20. Fullers earth or grout

    Best advice ever! I have not went to swat level yet, but I used a darker grey/black acrylic paint in the nooks and cranny's a little shape here and there. I used the sponge/paint brush on method with the fullers earth diluted in water and then cleaned lots off sponging and dabbing then finished up with the hairspray, dry brush/dry fullers spritz/dusting method came out great.
  21. Fullers earth or grout

    Ok couple questions , I have seen a couple threads where grout was used , the results look really good and you can vary the color some . I am on the fence for using this vs Fullers earth Pros and cons of each anyone? Also , is there a go to place or brand for purchase of the earth? I was going to purchase from Trooperbay . I like this because you got 3 shades. https://trooperbay.com/costuming-supplies/modeling-weathering/fullers-earth-combo On a side note Trooper bay also has the little bottle of "Authentic Mos Eisely Sand" from the Buttercup Valley set. Though not Technically the real ME sand from Tunisia I thought it would be fun and nostalgic to buy the little bottle and throw it on for some "authentic" weathering $3 and is I was already buying the earth from them
  22. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper (Edited with Picture)

    He and rob went in together on the sonic if I am not mistaken , they just are not using it on the packs yet that I know of. I got the whole kit that he makes with the box covering and switches and it's a beauty. When I get to finally building out my pack.. it's the crown jewel for sure. He recently did a run for the decals too. Hey John , speaking of which .. I think I saw that you added a plexi plate on the dial of yours right? What was the source?
  23. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper (Edited with Picture)

    Woodman is a prop maker here, he is also on The dented helmet . I believe he has just reduced the price. There are a few out there that sell all the parts needed.
  24. RS Propmasters Sandtrooper (Edited with Picture)

    It will for sure and then you will really appreciate the difference between them. Here is a good shot of the RS radio and the woodman sonic cast.