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  1. TKZombie

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Christina Rotsaert Requesting 501st and Sandtrooper Acesss TD 21421 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20845 C.
  2. TKZombie

    Female TD patrol name

  3. TKZombie

    TK 21421 becoming TD 21421

    Thanks, I had no idea now much more attention the TD gets over a TK. I also made a Tusken Raider and that gets tons of attention too. Seems people prefer the dirty...
  4. TKZombie

    TK 21421 becoming TD 21421

    Was a hit trooping this, TD's get all the love.
  5. TKZombie

    TK 21421 becoming TD 21421

    Update as of AUG 20th my TD was approved. Police Officer deployment will be later this week.
  6. Well after I built my first AM ANH Stunt TK back in February of this year I decided to make a ANH Hero TK and then turn my Stunt TK into a Sandtrooper. I finished my Troopmaster Hero in June and then began work on converting my AM TK into a TD. Here is my AM 1.0/2.0 hybrid Stunt TK Followed by my Centurion approved TM Hero TK The conversion of my Stunt TK to TD needed some TLC and some upgrades so I replaced the Hand Plates, Forearms, Biceps, Helmet, Thigh Ammo Pack and Shins all with TM parts. So my Frankenstein TD is made up together with TM parts and the AM 1.0 Ab, Butt, Kidney and Thighs, and AM 2.0 Chest, Back and Shoulders with and a AP Belt. Here is my Sandtrooper weathered and ready for deployment, submission photos submitted standing by... Here is the customized Dirtyboy Filter pack weathered. The Berkal mystery geeblies added on the Leather wrapped Radio box, the front removes and the speaker holes are drilled out. I have a Aker amp and iPod with the TD chatter looped inside. The radio dials, mic ports and side clips are upgrades from P3laton3, the functional switches are from Crashmann Here are the Blaster pouches, before and after weathering. The armour is weathered with oil paint, black and raw umber in a 65/35 mix ratio. I did a light covering of the piece then wipe the majority off it away then blot on dark patches. The pouches are weathered with Sandpaper and a file to wear them down then I soaked them in hot water to soften the leather and then twist and beat the leather to distress it further. Once dried I did multiple coats of acrylic colours in washes and dry brushing. The pack is weathered with acrylic paint and then hair sprayed in areas and grout applied to those spots and then dry brushed to enhance the details.
  7. Here are my 3 TD pouches I weathered, these are the ones made by Blaster. Process is sanding and filing down the leather edges first creating wear. Then soaking in hot water and twisting and beating the leather to add an aged look followed up with several colours of acrylic washes. Before:
  8. TKZombie

    How to: make a "Screen Accurate" Pack #5 filter

    Outstanding work...
  9. TKZombie

    '76 ANH screen accurate patrol pack

    Where is the rest of it...?
  10. Woo Hoo! It was a long journey but you made it there! Awesome!
  11. What did you use on the ab plate in the middle box to add the missing detail? A washer riveted on?
  12. TKZombie

    Bracket strapping screw question

    I bought them on Amazon... Bolt Base 3mm A2 Stainless Steel Slotted Countersunk Machine Screws Bolts M3 X 8 - 50 and 100Pcs M3 3mm Female Thread Hex Metal Nut Fastener Silver Tone
  13. TKZombie

    Pack #5 "mystery greeblie"

    I have the filter pack so getting this is a must. Please let us know when a sales thread is up!
  14. Looking good, wish you well on the approval process.
  15. TKZombie

    Zenix/Sonix Radio Build

    Any chance the pressure gauge dials for the radio are still available to order?