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  1. Bulldog44 finally reporting in to start my TD build! After many years of procrastinating I am officially starting a build thread for my first TD. Bought one of the first round Anovos kits for $350 but it sat in a box. Recently I trimmed the parts down and started to assemble a few bits. Here is my intended order for this build: 1. trimming -done 2. biceps and forearms - in progress 3. thighs and shins/calves - in progress 4. shoulders - 5. belt - 6. chest and ab plate (adding hardware/ 3 button plate) - 7. strapping - 8. knee ammo pack & diamond sniper knee plate 9. helmet - 10. calves (strapping) 11. weathering 12. backpack - ????? Hope to have more photos of my progress up soon. Please feel free to make suggestions or things I need to correct if I make a mistake. Let the build begin!
  2. Bulldog44

    Bulldog44 TD (Anovos) Build 2019 (WIP)

    Upper armor trimmed parts- Anovos helmet in background. Forearms- Both forearms nearly finished. Just need to trim cover strips and remove return edges near wrists and some bits near the inner top ends. Biceps- Both biceps near completion, need to trim off return edges and cover strips. Left Thigh- Not happy with this seam and alignment of the 2 halves. Attempt 2 in progress, pictured below. I wasn't happy with the alignment and visible seam at the bottom of the left thigh and top edge. Removed cover strip and re-gluing it. No magnets left unused! Looks a mess but hope it help it all in place this time. Update: Attempt #2 failed. The cover strip shifted off center so I have started over again. This time I am going back to gluing one half at a time. Results to come soon.
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    Try reaching them on their Facebook page. I just noticed they posted about T-21s they might start making.
  4. Bulldog44

    E-11 stands

    Love that stand. Very cool.
  5. Pack looks great, love the photos. I hope to follow in your footsteps and get some R1 armor to go with my pack. Cheers for posting and for all the information you have shared here and on the FISD.
  6. Just wondering what happens to the hockey jersey interest thread. I was able to view and post there a few days ago but now says I am blocked, no permission . Any reason why this thread has gone dark? Or blocked me? Only for TDs strictly? Just want to know why I can’t access it anymore.
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    Hockey jersey interest thread access

    still feeling unhappy.
  8. Bulldog44

    Hockey jersey interest thread access

    That truly sucks. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. So cool. I want to assemble one of these for my daughters' Jawa costumes/props.
  10. Bulldog44

    Original Shires Syphon EBay

  11. Bulldog44

    Original Shires Syphon EBay

    Saw this on Facebook. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shires-Up100-Up-100-Cistern-Siphon-Syphon-Unused-Original-1970s-1980s-LAST-ONE/122813438892?hash=item1c98405bac:g:fuAAAOSw8b1aDsGN someone is auctioning off an original shires syphon, unused. hope this helps someone who is trying get one.
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    My move a long replica suit

    Fantastic work!
  13. Bulldog44

    Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack

    Yes, should be pinned for future reference. Great work. If you ever get a chance please PM me about the exhaust port I was inquiring about.
  14. Bulldog44

    Lion Star Canteen to Bee Stinger Tutorial

    Looks great. Nice work on this.
  15. Bulldog44

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Stunning work!
  16. Bulldog44

    Bulldog Props Scope Kit Project

    Just thought to post this and hear thoughts on why this black stuff was used or maybe it is just dirt build up. Seems to me like a sealant or screw lock to prevent tampering. For finishing the scope kit, this may be one way to detail the scope but I want to make sure this actually the case with other original scopes. Any thoughts?
  17. Just thought to post this here if some members here do not venture onto the FISD or RPF forums. Been working on making hollow resin scopes from my collection. Lots of trial and error along the way but starting to get better results. Hoping to use the M38 version on my blaster when I get to that point. Still putting my armor and pack together. Started in March 2016- Recent Castings with Smooth On Onyx- Posted above are test castings of the M19 light port bulb. Hardest part to cast so far but finally reached successful results. Almost no visible bubbles!!!! The M19 is not used on Bapty blasters but thought it might be of some interest for any members who are looking for an M19 for other blasters in their collection. Both the M38 and M19 scope cylinders and all the smaller parts have been molded and casted. Some smaller parts need to be re-molded to get better results but as is, they kit is almost ready. Now in the process of casting and stocking parts to prepare complete kits and still awaiting some screws to arrive. Most of the parts screw together smoothly like the real scopes, some require a bit of sanding and persuasion. Please feel free to add any comments or ask questions if you have any. Thanks for stopping by!
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    Gino SANDTROOPER 'Move Along' backpack

    I love how accurate looking your exhaust port looks and was wondering how you made it or if it is a found part. Looks the best I have seen yet. Do you make these for sale? If possible could you provide some measurements or materials used to make it. 3D printed? I tried sending you a PM but it said you cannot receive messages. Hope to hear back about the exhaust port when you get a chance. Thanks.
  19. Bulldog44

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    No luck with my searches. If you see any around on ebay again, let me know. Thanks.
  20. Bulldog44

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Thanks. I spent a lot on shipping for the boxes I got but now seeing your set up I think I will need the other lid to get that look. Where can I get those seed trays? looked on ebay but nothing. Great find.
  21. Bulldog44

    Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Is it possible to buy just the lids somewhere? I have a container but need to get the same blue style lid you have. Looks like a good latch to the original pack setup for this! Thanks for posting.