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  1. hmm one more point to note... small point but umm yea it really stood out to me on your DLT-19. The placement of the sling swivel is incorrect, there's no rear stock swivel on a MG-34 it is instead located just below your pistol grip, look closely & you'll see on the end of the grip a triangle type looking thingy, sorry for the bad description hehe. Anyway this wld or should just have a hole drilled through it as the MG-34 sling has one end of the sling with a hook type fixture that wld go between the bipod legs & the other end of the sling has a square type closer to go through the pistol grip not that we ever saw a DLT with a sling but I do have one [Edit] Sorry not being to picky lol... but just slide your sling on your T-21 down past that lip on your barrel. It's a bit high where you have it in a pix & could slide off. This will ofc make your sling longer but just re-adjust your sling on itself & you'll be good to go. jAG
  2. ohh cheers Rick that's not a bad idea. I was thinking of making some sort of hard leather holster that had sides & a base, sort of like a frame work only type thing. jAG
  3. Jaggered

    Weathering my Canvas Shoulder Straps

    Good on ya but is there really a need? Once you have your pauldron on no one will ever see your shoulder straps but nonetheless good going. jAG
  4. Anyone else have a set of TD2.3 Electrobinoculars? I've had a set of slavefive's electrobinoculars for sometime now & I'd like to mount them to the side of my TD belt. I've seen a set up where a trooper used some sort of system where you could still fully see/ view the bino's on the belt. I think this is a pretty good idea as opposed to having them sit inside a pouch where they'll never be seen, I like details so having them seen on a belt is a nice touch rather than hanging off your neck. I have some idea of how this could be done, some sort of design so that one section slips over the top of your belt or goes through the belt on a loop & the other end, section would house the bino's but anyway I was wanting to see if anyone else has these & uses a similar type of system I described if so could I see photos. In case your wondering here's a link of what the bino's look like http://starwars.wiki ...ectrobinoculars Thanks, jAG
  5. I'd be very interested in the "know how" as well please Z. jAG
  6. Hello Arch. My but it's your lucky day I purchased Woodchuck's T-21 sometime ago although it's only recently painted/ weathered & also x2 slings from the same outfit you did. In answer to your question the whole brass fitting needs to go through the ring so that you can attach the sling back on itself. I only just this afternoon went to our local gun shop & picked up a replacement swivel to fit the Enfield sling from that website. The size I got was 1-1/4" swivel & the sling fits perfect so at a guess Chuck is using a 1" swivel. Here's a few pix for you to show you & I hope fm looking at the photo's you'll be able to see how to sling both slings on themselves. I take it you know how to remove the swivel from it's ball housing on the bottom of the stock? If not just unscrew the thumb wheel/ knob to as far as it will go out then push & turn so that it unlocks Sorry for the over kill of photo's but yea... paints a thousand words meh!!! meh meh!!! Top is the 1-1/4" I got this afternoon for $15.00 AUD (Australian Dollars ) Bottom is Woodchucks. Ball attachment on stock. Closed Open To Open see above. Slings attached via barrel. Slings attached via stock swivel. For the last two pictures I tried to capture the slings on themselves for you as well, as a guide. Not the greatest photos but best I could do with my ip4 & it being night here. Hope I've managed to help. [Edit] You get 2 in a packet & it should say what size jAG
  7. Hello fellow Officers. I've been very quiet on the forums since being deployed but would like to share some footage from a local TV report on our squad, Longfins here on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia part of the Redback Garrison. While not all of our squad fight dirty we were still representing This was on the the 9th of Feb for one of the TPM 3D releases. http://video.goldcoast.com.au/2194981867...Y.facebook Here's a pix of me & Jess the reporter jAG
  8. Hi all, the belt of course will be no problem to adjust however with the pack, I shall need to adjust it so that it is acceptable for deployment & then after acceptance as deployed change it again for SWAT status. Can you please clarifiy for me? If SWAT is the highest stardared one can aspire to, the highest bench mark then would that not mean that if I did my pack straight off as SWAT it should be accepted as deployed as well? Please forgive me if I sound a little rough around the edges or sharp as I don't mean to I'm trying to understand. I have to admit I am more than a little upset, angry, disappointed & in truth I feel like giving up... why? From when my TD was started it had been my intent to apply as SWAT from the get go after deployment, reading the SWAT CRL I had assumed that this was the bible so to speak & not just a guide. Now that I understand it is a guide I think it needs to be updated so that someone like myself is completley aware of all the fact's & information especially the dimensions. I brought my pack from a member here & both of us believed that the pack I selected was correct for what I was wanting to achieve but had we had the correct information from the start I wouldn't now be in this position, sure. Maybe we should have researched more but then again to someone such as myself I believed what I was reading was the full available information & so didn't think twice about looking into thing's further, my fault then. What I find disheartening is that I posted in, "The Hurt Locker" about what I was wanting to do, what trooper I was looking at & after 3 months I was ready then out of the blue no offense intended Rick but you posted some extra photo's of my trooper & I was a little annoyed, why? Because after 3 months & ready to go with no support from other members to help out with photos in my early stages I'm suddenly presented with some unexpected photos when I've finished, this added another month of work. I was happy was well because it lead me to be more screen accurate with the weathering especially with his chestplate where my trooper has a peculiar mark in the centre of his chest. Now after 4 month's I find my pack is holding me up for deployment because it's the wrong type for my trooper & as a result I'll need to contact the person I purchased the pack off, source the new parts I need & then also source the parts & adjust it again for SWAT status. It was my own choice to purchase a pack rather than make it myself & have it shipped to me in Australia from the States so as you can imagine the shipping alone wasn't exactly cheap but honestly, if the fact's are fully out there in plain sight *dimenions* etc for any aspiring deployed officer & SWAT then you wouldn't have any one feeling as crappy as I am now. On a side note does this also mean the manufactuer of my pack is making the wrong pack without realizing it? There's no way I'm going to make deployment or even SWAT this year which was my goal what with having to contact my pack manufacturer & waiting on parts to be sent... yea I will deploy as I've spent to much time & money but what's a few more buck's? Rick can you PM me what adjustments I'd need to do for the pack after deployment so I'm 100% fully in the know for SWAT, I will decide from this if I shall continue with SWAT or not. Jace
  9. Okay my bad, I said pack #4 when I should have said my pack is pack #1 My trooper as per SWAT CRL http://www.mepd.net/crl/private/ Now of course I know I can't apply for SWAT until I'm deployed. So even though the SWAT CRL shows no side version of the pack & on screen you never see my troopers pack from the rear or his left side I now still need to change the filter? I'm on my iPhone at the moment so will edit this when I get back to my pc to show my trooper. Jace
  10. Hi Rick, thanks for the reply & yea don't worry about the rentals hmm looking at your link do you mean the trooper on the right who I believe you can just make out the tip of his E-11? My trooper going from that picture would be behind the officer *orange pauldron* & out of sight. From John's reply this is the pack I decided to go with http://forum.mepd.ne...?showtopic=7297 You never see my trooper's backpack from the rear or side & from the SWAT CRL it suggest's pack#4 which I think isn't the round type filter. To save this topic being any more photo heavy If you scroll up to my comments about my SWAT trooper where I've included photo's it confirms you never see his pack from the left side or behind so I can only work on what the CRL suggests so err... where to now? Jace
  11. Hi Juan, does this this help with my pack so that it's okay now or do I need to still do some adjustments? I have some more photo's I can post of the pack however these were taken shortly after I got the pack so there's no extra weathering on it. Please let me know your decision when you can, thank you. Jace
  12. Here's a couple of action shot's I hope may clarify??? Action I Action II Action III Miscellaneous I There anyone able to help? Jace
  13. Hi all & Juan... hmmm okay, going from the SWAT CRL for the, " Enlisted Alley/ Falcon Take off V1" trooper this is who I based my costume off which I believed the pack to be the, "Pack# 1" type. As it was & is my intent to apply for SWAT, my on screen trooper is enlisted & this is the enlisted trooper pack or so I believe. My pack is based on this pack & the CRL only show's the front view, not a side view so I have no clue as to what the top left corner, filter depth should be & with my on screen TD who I'm trying to portray there's no side view of that section of the pack to indicate the depth of the filter. Rick or Quartermaster or anyone else are you able to assist with clarification on this? My trooper is holding the DLT-19 just in behind the Officer *Orange Pauldron* Yea okay granted you never see his left side to show his filter, any help is highly appreciated. Jace