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  1. That's very cool, Lee. Nice looking finish, with a great sound!
  2. Nicks doopydoos Bapty E-11

    Amazing work, Nick!
  3. Newbie from Colorado

    Welcome to the forum! We have a pretty active garrison in Northern Colorado. www.mg501.com
  4. My DoopyDoos Pipe E11...

    Yet another fantastic project from the master...
  5. Vader does Disney!

    Haha! Awesome. Very well put together... Leave it to Disney.
  6. Awsome

    ^Seriously. I'm sure they figure, since they don't know the difference, no one else will.
  7. Awsome

    Oooo, very cool, Pat!
  8. Awsome

    pics or fail
  9. Awsome

    I love this one, by Justin Van Genderen:
  10. Wish me luck

    Nice kit! You look fantastic. Cheers!
  11. ooOOoooo.... Very nice.
  12. E-11 Heavily weathered

    You're going to have "heck" to pay with your armorer...
  13. Its time to get dirty!

    Looks fantastic, Dan! It seems like it's coming together really quickly. Great work!