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  1. for the trimming i always use dremel, it work great, it take a bit more time but finish is perfect, and no plastic crack.
  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful!!! a lot of plastic parts... i like really the picture with the small Sylvester at side of the brown box^^
  3. awesome and great idea, but a bit... expensive, for the same price you can have a real armor! the black will be very cool for motorcycle!!! with a beautiful Harley D!!!
  4. i'm a bit lost, many changes! but it is really beautiful!! thanks for the work on it.
  5. good news, we should see a new TD monster soon you must to be exited, christmas present in advance!!^^
  6. these helmets are true beauty!!! congrats guys for the work you have done. i can't imagine what will be for an entire armor!!!
  7. lol, i'm in the middle, i really love the old school saga, but i aslo like the new, it is the continuation, it is less good and magic that the old saga but i think it is really interesting as well. in saying we are only for the old school, we begin to speak like old people...lol i think it will be really cool to see one day a near perfect screen accurate SE suit, but i think it will be not for tommorow
  8. really nice, but i'm a Tie pilot, so i will never wear this lolllllllllll!!!
  9. nice built, looks really good. it will more accurate if you remove the grid to the teeth, easy and quick to do
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