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  1. Aha, thanks. I don´t see nothing welded from inside of this part. I will test it next time.
  2. Does anybody know, how to disassemble this front cover of main barel? I have removed these two front screws, then front sight, main barrel and I don´t know how to get it out. If it is possible without destroying it.
  3. Interesting. Can you make more photos of this counter, please? Btw, I had in my hands deactivated sterling and this folding stock mechanism is cool
  4. TomG

    Thin Armor

    Why not, but you will have glue it, when it hardens. Because these material don´t bond together too much.
  5. TomG

    Thin Armor

    You have few options. 1/ Buy from somewhere replacement parts that are thicker 2/ Reinforce them with fiberglass
  6. TomG

    FX Armor

    And it was and still is cheaper than "screen accurate stuff".
  7. My 2 cents. I think as said above, that Sandtrooper are regular Stormtroopers with a little modified armor to be ready for more hostile climate and more dangerous planets. They have for it heavy weapons, backpack to survive long time outside of base. They are placed on distant planets with limited supply routes, with longer patrols they don´t have time to wash armor or get new from supply. They replace it only when armor is really damaged. May be these soldiers are more skilled to survive in hostile environment, something like basic commando training. I believe, that on imperial planetes or ISD they have supply with replacement armor and for sure some place, where you can put armor to wash it chemically not by hand like todays soldiers need clean own boots Why sandtroopers these black lines on greay areas on helmets? To have less holes in helmet and prevent from dust get inside of bucket. As for Endor I think, when Emperor said, he sent here the best troops, he didn´t lie. He was crazy but not stupid. But probably in chain of command somebody made mistake or it was rebel scum, who changed few details about designation. Instead of sending here elite troops, he sent rookies. I would expect on Endor some elite jungletroopers with camo on armor Not white stormies, that can be harmed with small stones and little bears
  8. Some progress on sanding. I´m thinking to leave it that way, to be dirty trooper
  9. Some more progress, here are more parts of armor with final painting and scratches. Include new version of pauldron. Thanks Rolf for advice about this pauldron. It is not final version, but we are on right way I think.
  10. It is great, when you can paint with colors. I wasn´t patient enough for it, then I used pencils or black ink and then went to 3D
  11. Here is part a bit more weathered. Who had to know, that this red dust will be that visible O_O. We have here really dusty planet. But don´t worry it is not final stage, it will be sanded again.
  12. Some progress on armor. I did as I said. All armor parts have this graygreen color HPDE like, to have scratches on whole armor. Not only helmet. Photo before weathering.
  13. Yeah. I noticed that after posting message.
  14. Very cool. Trooper VPier just converted again to daddy status. I hope you will be great dad again. My son is just now 14 moths old. I only hope he doesn´t want small armor when he grows up a bit.
  15. Hmm why I have feeling, that you can make conversion of some available custom MG-34 for airsoft and much cheaper. One member from our Outpost thought about airsoft version of E-11. It was first thing, that he was interested, when it was decided, we try make this E-11 later with some modern technology to look like real idealized blaster weapon.
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