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  1. Troops, I am happy to announce that we have found the trooper we are looking for and his name is HappyTrooperDotCom. Good luck and success with your new job within the MEPD bro'!!
  2. Welcome to the boards all!! Enjoy your stay in the Imperial sandbox!
  3. Guys, is there anyone of you that can make pictures of the helmet , the backpack and the respirator mouthpiece. Still need those for the crl
  4. Very excited to see the first new CRL being published. It will be the Battlefront Magma trooper!!!

  5. Compliments on your armor, excellent work! Your review should start any moment now so hold on tight and be prepared for the best rollercoaster ride in the galaxy
  6. That's an amazing result Ian!!
  7. @Magmatrooper1205, you're welcome looking forward to the result! And the colour does look different when you're in caves or in the open. But so does the colour of the TD backpack in various shots whilst only one colour was used
  8. Great pictures!!! Concerning the colour of the backpack or at least some parts of it, only the "coverplate" appears to be green. My guess is that i'ts the same colour as the lower seedtray of the TD pack. I'll have to adjust the CRL part of the pack as it seems
  9. Nice!! I think that we all should make one, with fellow TD's when you have them in your garrison, when we have the time for it and spam the whole 501st with TD fan films
  10. You could try google drive, that's what I use..
  11. To all, A heads up on the progress of the CRL. I'm almost done with writing the syntax for it.
  12. Looks good!! But could you make 2 different ones preferrably in daylight/ outside of your front and back?
  13. We have discussed about it and it will only become too confusing when we incorporate other names for level 2 and 3. Just as DarthStevius said. We'll stick to Police Officer for level 2 and S.W.A.T. Officer for level 3.
  14. Dang it....that's just awesome!!
  15. Troops, As you all know we are also the home for the SE TD but the CRL has never been created. At this moment we are working on getting that done and we do need alll the feedback, tips, trics we can use to make this CRL complete once and for all. What we are lacking the most at the moment is someone who actually already has build one. We need good reference pictures for the CRL. Anyway, @LoveMonkey has already done some hard work and he has created a provisional CRL. He'll chime in here as well but in the meantime please do participate so we can get this CRL live. Thanks in advance troops and I'm looking forward to a great discussion here!
  16. Troops, As times of change lie ahead of us, our boards need to get a slight overhaul as well. What's going to change.? Well, as we are welcoming new costumes to our ranks they do need their own section on the boards for specific costume related discussions and so on. -We will start working with "Precincts" to divide all the different costumes. -Our current "what makes a sandtrooper" section will get a name change into "MEPD Precincts". Here's an example for the new layout: MOS EISLEY ANH Sandtrooper - Armor - Field Pack - Blaster - Pouches and Pauldron Our other Precincts will be , Jedha City and Sullust. The expected timeline for all this will be that our webmaster will see what's possible to do on a short term basis. The forum will experience downtime either way as we also have to update the forum software to make sure that those pesky Jawa's can't access our mainframe anymore. Exciting times for the MEPD!!! -dutchy
  17. As you all have noticed the forum layout has been changed. In the subs for the Cities you can find eacher respective armor. The initial plan was to work with precincts but that was too much work to get realised. I hope you like it because there is more to come!! Thanks to Daetrin for helping out!!
  18. Take your time as I need to write the syntax for the CRL myself. But when you have them they'll be ace for sure I guess!
  19. I really do need a picture from the front and back with a pauldron for the CRL bro's! I'm working on the CRL as we speak so it would be appreciated if it can be done this weekend. Preferrably PM me the pictures.
  20. That's what I can remember as well, ROTJ for all levels. But I also remember that we talked about allowing ANH with gaskets for basic approval... Now is the time to decide once and for all what we will be using as I want to let the CRL get reviewed by the LMO's.
  21. And the CRL is on it's way to the LMO's to be reviewed! Fingers crossed troops!!
  22. I'm a little bit lost in translation now, which armor will we now use as the basis for the SE? ..go and make a CRL they said, It'll be fun...
  23. As soon as you have new pictures make sure that you send them to us so we can add them to the CRL.
  24. Hey Magmatrooper1205, that's right. The CRL is close to completion so hopefully we can welcome you all within a couple of weeks. Looking forward to having you all on board of the MEPD!