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  1. Another requirement for the CRL still needs to be met, all (weathered) armor parts need to be photographed seperately so that the the images match the text of the CRL. If someone can provide me with those the last and final bump in the road should be taken care of..
  2. Troops, I would like to keep you informed on where we are standing at the moment with the CRL for the R1 sandtrooper. I will start filling the CRL with all that is available this week. Also I would like to say that only one CRL will be made for the Jedha Sandtrooper but it will have the options to choose between packs( the fieldpack and the Kyber pack). I hope that it makes sense to you all. ..to be continued troops!!
  3. Wow... great work so far! I really like it to see another of these threads popping up here Keep us updated on your progress bro'!
  4. It looks like leather and you can see almost the same version( this one is all white compared to the ANH one, where the collar/neckpiece is black) being worn by Sergeants in A New Hope as well, there were 2 variations of the white pauldron. One with and one without the additional stitching.
  5. Thanks for sharing all the info and my compliments! I really do like how you have broken down all the elements of the pack into found original parts/ components that were used and how to build a pack yourslef. This is going to be helpfull for all troops that are interested in doing a Kyber version.
  6. Hey troops, Before I start with this thread, is there anyone who has or knows a trooper with a completed Kyber pack? if so, post pictures of it here and a tutorial of how to build one. The only thing I know about it that a so called "Alice backpack" was used for the base of this fieldpack. Amongst the additional parts is a RAF gearhook, which is placed on the right strap facing forward. An antenna, a pice of tubing and the part that is most in your face, the (mortar)rack on the back. Looking forward to an interesting conversation!
  7. Nice!!!! This picture isn't new to me or another one that looks a lot like it goes around. Anyway, great find and I have put it on my list too
  8. It's always so cool to see those pictures.... But who knows, if she can verify that she really was there and has pictures( of herself in armor without a helmet e.g.) to prove it who am I to say that it isn't true.
  9. That's an excellent idea!! I'm not on FB that much lately so keep me posted over here.
  10. pic's or it didn't happen
  11. I have talked a lot with Anthony about this and for me he's the only one who has there on set which his presence is proven, he states that all the other sandtroopers were local actors. If anyone else claims that he/ she was a sandtrooper he/she must be able to provide proof that he/ she was there on set. Only LFL knows which actors were present that day and each and every one that claims to be there should have written conformation that he was present/ hired for these specific parts/ scenes. my 2 cents...
  12. Just as long as someone can provide me with a clear picture of the Kyber pack for the CRL I'm a happy trooper.
  13. I need pictures from both packs but only one full body shot of the front and back of either one for the CRL main picture. This pack looks ace!!
  14. Hmmm...there must be one clean trooper that is tempted by wearing an awesome pack and having some dirt thrown on his armor out there. We only need to find him..just as those 2 droids. Could you post the link to your post on the FISD, so I can chime in as well.
  15. You know where to send them and how they need to look
  16. ..and if you have any suggestions, please do post them in this topic!
  17. backpack

    This is some good reading and the final result is absolutely great!! You have made an excellent looking pack for sure, my compliments
  18. LOL!!! This is hilarious!!!
  19. Hahaha..I do consider Anthony as a good friend and also as a person to talk about the other things that life throws at ya. I feel priviliged to have him as a friend. My advice to each and every one of you is to have chat with him when he attending an event in your vicinity.
  20. I texted Anthony and he replied already Below his reply, and yes I get kisses from him As far as I remember the other sandies were local Tunisians. I guess unless they have their name on the filming call sheet from the shoot or an image from behind the scenes it is always going to be a question mark? I am pretty sure if someone wanted to claim it, they can contact Lucasfilm for written confirmation about their involvement. Cheers xxx
  21. I'll try to give him( Anthony) a call later today or send him a text. But it's truly very interesting to hear that a "new" actor popped up. Hopefully I can confirm it asap. Oh, and a lot of uncredited actors were locals...at least for the scenes that were shot on location in Tunesia.
  22. You betcha
  23. This one is really nice, especially as there are cadets from the GA in it!
  24. Then going for a sandtrooper is the way to go..or one of the other exciting new costumes that have found their home in the MEPD.