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  1. dutchy

    Forum Downtime Friday August 10 8PM EDT

    DarthAloha/ eric mentioned this already himself in his 2nd post in this topic. But good that you mentioned it
  2. dutchy

    New Forum Software

    Shoot me a pm Paul :)
  3. dutchy

    ID 2543 entering the sandpit

    Congrats with getting your approval and it is well deserved for sure!!
  4. dutchy

    Forum Downtime Friday August 10 8PM EDT

    Thanks again Eric!
  5. dutchy

    Forum Downtime Friday August 10 8PM EDT

    Thanks for the heads up Eric!
  6. dutchy

    Infos about move along scene

    Hahaha, that's so true...LOL
  7. dutchy

    Infos about move along scene

    I'm still biased to say no... "pics or it didn't happen" still does the trick to convince me
  8. dutchy

    Infos about move along scene

    The locals that were hired were a lot smaller than the average european/ american actor.. problem solved
  9. dutchy

    Thanks RS Propmasters!

    Now that's customerservice! Really good to hear that they have solved it like this.
  10. dutchy

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    I have to agree with making the common patches readily available or at least easy for new troops to grab a couple. We do need to bear in mind, as Jason already mentioned, that we are smaller in size regarding members which makes each merch run a costly endeavour. We try do do our best here with the staff and people are always free to drop a suggestion in one of our CS members inbox. All in all, @BadBatch I get your drift brother...
  11. dutchy

    Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    I have to agree with this, plus it'll take a lot of logistic work to handle large amounts of merchandise of which some won't even be ordered in great quantities. But, we try to bring out a couple of new merch runs each year.
  12. dutchy

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome to the MEPD errantventurer, MrFlavaFlave, gideonswake and hereticdave! Good to see you joining our ranks
  13. dutchy

    WiP Sand Trooper Progress

    Looking good there!! I've moved your post to the Barracks section btw
  14. No it definitely won't and weathering is certainly a matter of personal taste, I always say that too. So if you are happy with it leave it as is bro', no problem whatsoever. It will only be of importance when you decide to go for SWAT. Keep up the good work and hope to see you within the officers ranks at a later stage!
  15. dutchy

    Backpack audio question

    Good setup but as DerGummo asked, have you drilled any holes or made any openings so the sound hasn't have to go through a piece of plastic first. This muffles it drastically..
  16. dutchy

    FAO TrooperBay

    Hey TD2190, we sadly can't do a thing for you as we aren't in the position to address problems like these with an online vendor. The best option would be to contact him again yourself or let ebay get in touch with him/ or file a complaint against him. *I have moved this to the off topic section btw*
  17. A really nice endresult I must say. A personal note, I'd try to tone down the weathering a bit to give it a more natural look.
  18. dutchy

    Almost ready for a come back :)

    Your armor definitely looks sweet bro'!!
  19. dutchy

    Almost ready for a come back :)

  20. Well deserved and congrats!
  21. Now this is a WIP thread!! It's good to see that you've documented every step of the build process so far
  22. dutchy


    Hey jontxlawdog, Your best option is indeed to drop this question on the Spec Ops boards. And I have taken the liberty to move your topic to the "Off topic" section of the boards as this was posted in the wrong section
  23. dutchy

    Happy 4th of July

    All troops that celebrate this day, have a good one and stay safe!
  24. dutchy

    Almost ready for a come back :)

    Looks like this thread is turning into one of those party threads we had in the past here
  25. dutchy

    *DONE* TD-19916 Requesting Deployment

    What Hausi said But you're definitely on the right track here! Good luck with getting deployed bro'