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    Placement looks fine. Remember to glue the center in right below the bottom of that front cover strip.
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    Well when her armor is all done let her know about the Desert Foxes patrol, it is our all female patrol for the MEPD! And any questions you have about a sandy please be sure to ask!
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    Thank you sir. He is a TK, she wants to be a sandy. Ì'll help as much as I can. Troopers helping troopers, and they are good people.
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    It's pack 3 pre-tape on the seed trays. So the bottom seed trays are not separated and held together with tape.
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    A close to the corners as possible (RS suit)
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    I figured you were older than 19 lol
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    Congratulations and welcome to the brotherhood! Next round of blue milk is on you!
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    First troop of the year and 20th overall! The fine folks of Rhode Island Comic Con decided to branch out to Albany and held the first annual Empire State Comic Con April 6-8th. I was able to meet Mike Quinn aka Nien Nunb. Bill Diamond and Mark Dodson where both at the con with a bunch of their famous puppets but most importantly, Audrey and Salacious Crumb! Who knew Jabba let Salacious Crumb take vacation? Audrey got a little hungry so we tossed in one of those pesky Jawas! Still hungry? Had to toss in my bucket So awesome! I made the front of the Sunday paper!
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    You were so close to greatness Either way, nice touch!