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MEPD trading cards are now available. On going run.


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Hello, Sandys.

Trading cards are now available on MEPD. Legion Ok’d and by Detachment leader. I will be making the Print Ready Files for all the MEPD trading cards for no charge (FREE), but will not provide any printing service. You will only need send to a printing company/service to complete you cards. See below for that information. My service also includes color-correction and masking the costume to the set background. Do not modify, alter or copy elements in the files I provide. There will be no “runs” this will be an ongoing service. You send the information to me and it will be as a first in first out (As they come in), you will get the files for approval in return.




Send your photos and the below information to: neandertal49@gmail.com




Call sign: ............(Nickname/voluntarily info)

Unit: (Garrison, Outpost, "Squad")

Arsenal/Weapons: ............ (Voluntarily info)


What is your level? Are you basic (1), police (2) or swat (3)?


1.    Basic MEPD will not have any listing of BASIC on back.

2.    DEPOYED POLICE will be listed on back below the head picture

3.    DEPOYED SWAT will be listed on back below the head picture plus SWAT logo.


I will make the files and send them to you for approval or to change something if you need. Then you will be ready to send them to your printer to complete your trading cards. 


Also in the same email:

Link to or posted front photo (1500 px tall or more)

Link to or posted Back photo (bucket off or on)

Important, when sending files to a printing company/service, also include this info:


For the US:

Paper must be printed on: High coated "both sides", Card stock 14pt, format: 2.5x3.5 inches. With UV. NO matt or gloss foil.

Quantity:_________________ (that is up to you)

Printing turnaround time: Standard

Round corners: leave unchecked

UV coating: you want UV on front, not back

File delivery methods: radio button on for

Upload: manual proof 24 hours

SHIPPING: ____________________(up to you)




For Europe and world :( equitant to same paper in the US):

Paper must be printed on: High coated "both sides", invercote creato, 300 gram, format: 64x89 mm. NO matt or gloss foil. 

(if the printing company/service does not have the above paper, make sure its 14pt+ or 300+ grams, High coated "both sides" and if the company does not have that paper weigh, it’s always better to go higher "thicker")


Photo Tips:


For best quality on your photos: it’s best to take them outside, the light outside makes a big difference. Try to have a neutral background (not strong colors) also be aware of shadows that reflect onto your costume. If you are taking photos inside, try to stand a place with the most/best light. Do not have the light source behind you


1 Take a cool action shoot, after you will be recognized by your striking pose. 

2 Take a head shot picture without helmet if you want 

3 Make it in a descent size and resolution. Pics above 2mb at a great size and format will do great 



1 Avoid over exposure. Too shiny armor pics lack detail and make you look more like a TK. Need to see the dirt! 

2 Try to stay away from the flashlight. It makes light upon your gear to mess up your pic. 

3 Avoid a visually contaminated background. Therefore we don't lose detail when cutting you guys out in artwork


Stay Dirty!

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