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Celebration Galactic March

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All who is attending and interested:

Hi, I've been tasked with reaching out to the various 501st detachments to facilitate the Galactic March at Celebration Chicago.

I apologize for the late announcement of the details but the logistics have taken much longer than expected to iron out with the convention center, ReedPop, and LFL. Any questions or concerns please respond to this email.

Hello everybody, we FINALLY have official details on the Galactic March at Celebration. Due to several logistical issues, we are unfortunately starting sign-ups for this event much later than anticipated. The Galactic March will take place on Saturday, April 13th at 3 PM.

The parade will take place entirely within the building. Meet-up and then step-off. at the multi-club booth at 3 PM. Sign-up will be first come, first served at the link below. We will take the first 10 signups from each 501st and Rebel Legion detachment and 20 members each for MMCC, GA, DB, SG and TDE If you have access to a parade flag, we encourage you to bring it. Any other questions let me know and I will do my best to get them answered ASAP. Please share this information with your respective groups.


James Norman TK/TI-8114, Garrison Webmaster Midwest Garrison,

501st Legion Wedge Antilles, Outlaw 2 Nar Shaddaa Base, Rebel Legion

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Nice! Not enough room for me to bring my Sandie. Have fun! :peace:

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