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Found 16 results

  1. It's just a bit over a year that has passed since my last pack build but boy, this year has seen quite a bit of new discoveries. I felt it is time to build a new pack, the move along this time, and to try to incorporate those new discoveries. So let's do it First thing for me was the backpack frame. Now we all now it's "The" vintage Karrimor frame. But is there really just one model? I was lucky enough to come across an old boyscout from the UK who happended to have a nice collection of frames up in his attic so I persuaded him to sell his "collection" to me. I found that they did not only come in different lenghts but also with different thickness of the bars. After some eyeballing and photoshop scaling I found that 0,76 inches (diameter of the bar) looked right: Again, after doing some measuring I found that the pack should actually be a little shorter than the ones build during the last year. My last pack had a lenght of about 60cm but 45cm looks more like it. The next challenge was to find appropriate seed trays. After spending quite a bit of time on ebay I actually found them; real vintage seed trays that not even look like the ones used for the original packs but also have the correct dimensions. They only had the 3 rib ones but afaik the only pack that actually comes with a bottom seed tray that has 5 ribs is the move along pack. But since I planned to do the move along pack, some modding was in order: The upper seed trays are no finished yet (still need to fill the holes) but this is what they currently look like: For the radio I was not lucky enough to snag one on ebay so I decided to model one with the correct dims and details with a help of fellow Sandie (Thanks, Redbeard!). The radio holders on the side are actually cast from originals Below you can see a comparison shot with a found radio: Some other original parts I will use are the Shires syphon, a Gio Style canteen flask and the 4" tupperware lid. IMO the (wet wipe) bottles have a larger diameter than the ones frequently used. By my estimate they should be in the 9,5-10cm range. I'm using a 1,5L shampoo bottle. The lenght will definitively need to be reduced but I'll do that when I had the chance to do some test fitting together with the other parts. However, since none of the mushroom caps currently offered are wide enough, I asked Redbeard again to help me model and print it in 3D which I usedd as a base for my mold. EDIT: During my build I discovered that they've indeed used a rubber plunger for the "mushroom cap" (link provided in the thread). I vac formed them in black ABS (along with the exhaust port): That's all for the moment, hope you guys like it so far
  2. Hi guys, my BBB arrived safe and sound. I did ask the seller how he got hold of this. He said he got it from a memorabilia military auction, and there wasn't much competition as this was not much of a "military" item. I will look to restore its radio function as it was however non working. But i will leave the face (rust and all) as is. Battle worn For now, I shall not show what's inside of it as ...well, let's not spoil your appetite. And i think i will mount the Sonix on my backpack. Just have to figure out a way to get this firmly placed there without damaging its faux leather. No, i will not paint the radar piece black. I think i'll just cover it with a very thin black decal per my SWAT requirement. With mine, there's been 4 this past years. I think it's re-surfacing slowly. Don't give up hope ! Regards, m4vrick
  3. Well, I figured it was about time that I officially become a part of MEPD. I have always wanted to be a Sandtrooper and since I now have the packs down, I think I am ready to go for it. I am going to post my progress on here so people can review and let me know how I am doing. While I have built over 75 packs in 1 year, I have only done a few armor sets. Of course, I will have to build as if I am going for SWAT, so accuracy and detail are going to be very important to me. This will not be a rushed build. I figured since many build threads have been lost, I could make this one very informative so it could possibly assists others with their first builds. I just received my armor today from Jason Hill. He makes excellent armor and he also provides many of the pieces for the packs that I build. Armor: Jason Hill Pack: Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs Boots: Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Pouches - Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Pauldron - Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Replica Sonic 75 Radio - SandieComms - Ian Havenhand DLT-19 - Hyperfirm T-21 - Custom Build (not by me) Here is the package I received today:
  4. Guest

    Looking for Pack Parts

    Hey everyone - I'm looking for a few parts for my pack: Here's my current setup, I'm going for white pauldron "Filter pack #5": https://imgur.com/a/IAiD8la 1. The radio needs to be re-done, I'm chasing a few leads for that. 2. Does anyone have a better source for the "mushroom cap" at the top of the middle canister? I see some guys 3D printing, but am unaware of anyone selling. 3. It seems a few guys are doing a more accurate filter, I am curious to know if that my current set up will pass?
  5. Anyone know of a good source for the filter on Pack #5? "Top Left Detail: Corrugated cylinderical filter-like cannister with beveled edges." Also, do we know the dimensions (measurements) for it? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I have been searching here and elsewhere but I am still not sure. What would be the right backpack for "Look Sir droids" Davin Felth? If I look at SWAT approval here for those who have the sergeant with the his weathering, there is a backpack #3 (as explained here https://tk386.com/backpacks/ CRL for the desert sergeant also states the same backpack. Since this is the look I'm going for I would go and follow this. But the looksirdroids website says different. http://www.looksirdroids.com/davin_backpack.htm Who can shed some light on this, and what does this mean considdering approval all the way up to SWAT? Thanks
  7. I am currently constructing a Rogue One Sandtrooper Kyber Crystal Backpack for someone and have been taking pictures along the way. The intent of this thread is to show you where you can get the materials from and how to build this pack. As of today, I have built 5 of these. The reference photos can be found in another section of this Forum. The best place to start is with the pack frame: FRAME: You can use 2 different styles of frames for the backpack. The easiest one to locate is the Swedish LK 35. I usually can find these on Ebay. This is one I found on Ebay using the description "Swedish LK 35 Backpack". Front View: Back View: Most likely you will only be able to find these in used condition with dings and scratches. Sometimes you can get lucky and find on that had not been used. The first thing you want to do is remove the pack and shoulder straps from the pack. Frame Front View: Frame Back View: Once everything is removed, lightly sand the frame to remove any rust or corrosion. Then add a prime coat and at least 2 coats of flat or satin black spray paint. The Frame is now ready. Next will be the Grenade Box.
  8. I've decided to go swat but there's problems. My buddy is the Move Along trooper and I want to be the black pauldron to his left. The problem is no one seems to make all the parts I don't think to that pack. Of they do I can't find them. This is a list I sent to Crashmann to get a quote on parts. I have a few parts and I'll moist likely find and bold more myself. I'll update this as a build page I think. Have: -Crashmann frame. (from a set he sold to my friend Chris.) -Mortar control panel, end caps, vac formed pitcher lid, and black ABS tube (2" electrical conduit from work) -Left side laboratory pipe (3/4" PVC electrical conduit) Need: -Stinger (plastic mounting bracket, vacuum formed canteen, but there's no tube I don't think) -Sonix Victory 75 Radio - Upper left toolbox (which I believe is on the right here) -Cistern valve (zip ties, mushroom cap, and but no white bottle) -Cistern (Gords most likely) -Main boxes (seed trays) -metal strips for frame. -shoulder straps Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I need: -Capacitors -Exhaust port -Mushroom cap with white bottle Now my problem is the other parts. The top left has a box of some sort and the middle top has some sort of bottle. Any ideas on those? Any help is appreciated. Just what you know about this pack or ideas on things to build would be awesome. Hopefully someone has built it before and I just can't find it. Thanks everyone
  9. Design is complete for the Rogue One Santrooper Jedha Backpack. Below are the 3D parts that will be printed. The Thermal Detonators on the side and rack holding them will also be printed. Not seen in this picture. All of the other pieces will be hand built. As you can see from the reference photos, this pack has the Sandtrooper Pack bend in it. I am going to attempt to meld these 2 main pieces together in order to maintain accuracy. The fabrication of all of the pieces has begun and progress will be posted here. Reference Photos: 3D Renderings:
  10. As many of you may already know, Walt (Walt's Trooper Factory) is going to be auctioning off a full Sandtrooper Ensemble. This includes a pack. Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs will be donating a pack to this great cause. I will also be building my very own pack at the same time. I am doing this thread so newcomer's can see one way the packs are built (as there are many) with today's technology. I will be using parts from different vendors for this build (I will mention them shortly) and also 3D printed parts. On this top post, I will be adding the progress picture of the pack, once I have the frame completed. I will also be updating the below list with where I am getting parts and materials from. Frame: CPVC frame (unless my karrimor frame arrives in time) Radio: Donated by Ian Havenhand of Sandie Comms Cistern: Accurate version (will let you know exactly where I am getting it from) Upper Left Tool Box: Original Brexton Sandwich Box Upper Middle Detail: 3D printed Plunger Top / properly dimensioned wipes bottle Upper Right Detail: 3D printed Exhast Box and Pipe Upper Right Side Detail: (5) Capacitors made from PVC Right Side Detail: Black ABS 2 inch pipe with 3D printed end caps and mortar control panel (aka Thermal Detonator Plate) Seed Trays: Jason Hill Left Side Detail: PVC Pipes ......
  11. Hi Guys and Gals, a friend of mine wants to buy my armor, and I rarely troop anymore, so I'm considering it. I want to give him a good deal, but also want to be reasonable. It's been so long since I built my backpack, I wonder if you all can tell me what it would cost to make something similar these days, or what it would cost to buy one pre-made, AND does it meet current MEPD requirements? I made it before accurate replica radios and such were available. It is built on a boy scout backpack frame, and has a real English cistern syphon. The "seed trays" are aluminum cake pans. It's all screwed together and pretty indestructible. Here are photos from last year:
  12. redking1


    Hey folk's! So the sandtrooper kit is coming along nicely,I will likely requesting my membership soon. But one thing is bothering me. Currently i live in the highlands of scotland,And i travel down south now alot to conventions such as next month i got at least 3. One i'm having to travel by myself in my armour for 4 hours on a train!. (Going to be awkward but i'm sure it wont cause to much hassle. One of my concerns though is the backpack,My next couple of cons invovle long train rides down south (Doncaster and Edinburgh) So my question is how do you travel with your backpack? And my last question is also i have finally gotten my voice box working and conected to my chest plate,But i really want to install the background sound (the transmission ambiance),And make it stop when i am talking so it dosn't cause a bother. Anyone found a way around this? Thank's!
  13. Hey guy's. So i have been hard at work on my sandtrooper costume,Really only need the boot's and a pauldren (got one but not sure about it). So i'm getting ready for this friday's for the love of the force convention down in manchester! So i'm writing this to ask about the 501st qulifications for backpacks. It sais for level 2 the backpack must not have personal liberties such as light's etc. I was wondering if anyone know's will it still be acceptable if i put hinges on one of the box's as storage. As i will most likely buy stuff and have no where to put it as cloak room's are not provided due to security. thanks
  14. hey was looking on trooperbay.com at his backpack kit does anyone have it? is it easy to assemble?
  15. Hey guys, Finally finished my backpack. There were about 5 months of research, sifting materials. Thanks for the help of people like Mike "Trooperbay" Harrison and Gordonator. Happy New Year ! !! ! ! Pics Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  16. MY 1:3 SCALE SANDTROOPER FIGURE Alfredo has a thread going in the for sale section but seeing as i have been a member for awhile i should do my own post Excuse the quick paint job he is just tacked together so i could get some pics of him in one piece http://s185.photobucket.com/albums/x193/robcowley/SAndtrooper/ ps i forgot to put the thermal detonator control panel on for the photos i have recently got a tupperware lid which will fit nicely for the radar dish as well to replace the one i made.
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