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The Definative MG34 Resource

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Oh yeah?

I'll tell you what else I think:

Okay, seriously, I deleted my comments because I thought the question Firefox asked, and the answer to it, should probably be in the For Sale forum, not here, so I PMd him the info instead of posting it. I didn't want to hijack this thread. But then you guys came along ...

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Hello everyone. Just thought i'd pop in and say hi. Well actually i'm looking for heavy weapons and couldn't help but notice this thread.

Not sure if it's been mentioned but there is another MG34 out there for all the troopers in the UK.

It's the DoopyDoo's DLT-19 HEAVY BLASTER Mk2

Link: http://www.doopydoos.com/stormtroopersandt...r-mk2-841-p.asp

Just thought i should mention it

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Hello and welcome to dirt pit :D

I dont know how this thread heading,it should be(refer to 1st post) is detailed measurements and all for the mg-34

Thanks for the link though,i'll add it to another thread B)

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Finished Autocad 2004 drawing of MG34 reciever (No internal features drawn)

It would please me to see it. Do you have it online somewhere?


Speaking of MG34 receiver drawings, I found this thread on another forum ...


... where a guy posted photos of two pages of detailed MG34 receiver blueprints.



Sadly, they are photos, not scans, and the resolution is only 1024 x 768. Most of the measurements are very difficult to read. Some person with better eyes than mine might be able to read what they say and use them to create a new set of drawings.

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