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Battlefront Heavy Trooper / SE CRL Discussion

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Now that elections are over and we are getting back on track I think its time to refocus on getting our next CRL moving. The SE trooper is basically the same as the Battlefront Heavy Trooper. So these should be developed simultaneously. 


Here is where we are so far in research, really we just need someone with a set of ROTJ armor, or at least an ROTJ bucket and ANH armor detailed like ROTJ armor (u shaped gaskets, etc.) 




The armor, like the rest of the imperial troopers in BF2 use ROTJ armor. 




In the game, when the mission is not on Tatooine, the Troopers wear a black Pauldron, looks to be leather and full sized and not the shorter neoprene looking version that the Sandtoopers wear in the special edition. The Heavy troopers also have a ROTJ bucket for these missions.

It looks like in the Tatooine Mission however they are given an Orange Pauldron and the painted details on the helmet match more to ANH's style.

So maybe in the CRL we should allow both ANH and ROTJ buckets (like we do for the Magma Trooper) 

Both version of this trooper wear a MP40 shoulder pouch, which the SE troops do not.





The pack is also basically the same as the special edition troopers. 

Also I love the mud and grime on the boots and shins of some of these troopers! 


Here is an example of the Heavy Trooper details for Tatooine Missions. Still looking for better screenshots, but here is one: 




Note the grey frown, the tears and traps don't have lines. Looks more like the ANH Sandy bucket. Still has bubble lenses though it seems 



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Moving more info from other threads over here. Here are some detailed shots of the trooper. 


Here are some more screen caps of the Heavy Trooper skin. This is the black pauldron version. Some good shots of the pack too.











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I am actually creating molds for the main boxes now so they can be vacformed for better accuracy.

I will also be making a few improvements to some of the parts so they exactly match these pictures.

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By the way, the SE Sandtrooper pack does have some differences.  See below.  There are 2 tubes, a box on the top and some of the main tubes are different.










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Once all parts are done correctly, I'm up for writing the CRL's :)


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