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2018 Elections

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Brothers and sisters of the MEPD, 

It is election time! One of the most exciting periods within the 501st. 

Make sure to cast your vote and/ or nominate your preferred candidate.

The schedule during this period is:

The schedule of the 2018 election is as follows (adjust for your local time zones):

Nominations Start:

Saturday Feb 3rd @ 12:01AM GMT

Q&A Starts:

Thursday Feb 8th @ 12:01AM GMT

Closing Statements Start:

Tuesday Feb 13th @ 12:01AM GMT

Voting Starts:

Wednesday Feb 14th @ 12:01AM GMT

Voting Ends:

Sunday Feb 18th @ 11:59PM GMT

The remainder of the month is reserved for transitioning between administrations.

Elected candidates will take office at 12:01am GMT on March 1st.

Please note that ever since 2016, we have a Single Transferable Vote format for voting in all 501st elections to ensure that we have majority support for each winning officer.

Details about the new format can be found here: https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=169&t=89898

All nominations and voting will occur in the 501st Legion Elections portal here:


If you have any problems with the system, write to elections@501st.com.

May the best candidate win!

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