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Complete WTF sandy costume raffle

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Hello my brothers of the dirt!

It's Walt here.

As some may know WTF is doing a raffle  for a completely decked out TD armor. It includes the blaster, boots, fan kit, belt pack mic system, pauldron and pouches. And a personally designed patch to match.  


The entry is 50 USD to my PayPal ( forcefullone@yahoo.com).

You may enter as many times as you like but make each entry an individual one.

Make it a gift for friends and family and make sure that in your PayPal details all your contact/ shipping info is correct so I can contact you when you have won the raffle. Please do state that is is for the TD raffle/ sandy give away/ Police bereavement fund.

 State your full name in the comment section just to make sure


In a weeks time we will pull one name out and it could be all  yours by then!!!

Shipped free in the United States, international will cost half the grand total of shipping it to you. The other half will be on my account :)

Cool deal ya?

Where will the funds go to?

The total amount will bedonated and it will go directly to a great cause ...

It will go to a group that helps the families of police officers killed in the line of duty ... I figured  what better group to help the families of the fallen officers then the best police officers in the  Galaxy, the Sandtroopers of the MEPD!

As mentioned earlier we are working on patches for this as well. 

Head on over to my Facebook page to watch the unboxing video when the time is there... WTF  WALTS TROOPER FACTORY, if you're not a member yet, send me a request so you can see it.

Questions, ask them here or send me a PM and I'll be glad to answer them.

If not, go and join the raffle!!


..and thanks, you guys do make a huge impact in other people's lives.

I sincerely thank you for that.


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This is a great gesture Walt!

We of the MEPD feel humbled by your kinds words and I'm hoping that a lot of troops will enter as this is a great opportunity and a very honorable cause.


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