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Fundraiser page for the Outer Rim Garrison Stair Climb Team

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TEAM 501st 
Stair Climb for Clean Air Fundraising page 

All proceeds goes to the BC Lung Association

Want to support the cause ? Donate to the team now!



Everyone in the team will be stair climbing the 48 floors once during the " Competitive and non competitive climb. "
Steve might stair climb the competitive wave twice

I am stair climbing 3 times:
1. Fight and Flight Obstacle course + Stair Climb.
2. One competitive Stair climb without armour on  ( I am submitting this climb time to the World Tower Running Organization. )
3. One competitive climb with armour on.  (In spirit of Declan in Calgary )


This year we have 5 members who will be raiding the Sheraton Wall Center Hotel Stairway. Chris and I will be in armour, the rest of the team will be in Black workout shirts.

Darlene F  -- TK-80001:  Road Cycling specialist. Lots of core power. This is her second year stair climbing at the event. 

Chris B  -- TK 82997:  Works in Construction, minors in Skiing. Going up and down the stairs is not a problem. Will be climbing in Full Stormtrooper armour.

Steve D --  TK-42200:  Cross fit, tough mudder, grouse grind. Always staying active and enthusiastic. This is his second year climbing.

Rheanna L -- TK-56834: Mostly Hiking. Quick and Agile. This is her first year stair climbing.

James -- Imperial Cadet: Ice Hockey Player. Currently undergoing Imperial training with the Garrison. 1st Year climber

Yves H -- TD9815: Stand Up paddling and Trail running. Official registered as a Stair Climb Athlete. Will be climbing in full Sandtrooper armour.

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