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TD-7032 Requesting SWAT Deployment

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Name: Todd Lechniak

Legion ID: 7032

Forum Name: darthmaul101079

Garrison: Garrison Carida

Trooper emulated: Cantina Captain

Armor: FX

Bucket: ATA

Pauldron: Trooperbay

Backpack: Dirtyboy

Blaster: Diamond State Props

Pouches: Can't remember

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Hi Todd!

Thank you for your interest in joining the elite and submitting your request for SWAT OFFICER


As you know the path to SWAT isn't an easy one. Every SWAT candidate has to go this path, following

the CRL guidelines and sometimes has to do some more or less homeworks.

Before I can start with your review let me point out a fundamental requirement for SWAT:

the CRLs says that an FX armor isn't allowed for SWAT. Your armor is an FX armor so I'm sorry to say that but

I can't begin with your review:-( You have to change your armor or you have to do a lot of mods to get

a more or less accurate look. I would prefer to buy a new armor.

The second note is the weathering. Each new SWAT candidate raised the bar higher and higher and the details getting more close

to the original look. Take a close look to one of our last SWAT Cantina Captains right here:

http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=13989. His weathering (especially his bucket) is on

spot. If you need some references just follow his thread.

Alright Todd?

If you need further advice or support the whole MEPD supports you!!

Take care bro and Cheers,


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Hi Todd,

thanks for your interest in becoming part of the SWAT Team. In addition to Felice notes I have to tell you that your backpack is an older model that is not eligible for SWAT due to its smaller size. Please see the picture below for a comparison of the old and new (accurate) backpacks:


Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Even despite FX id recommend a new kit todd sorry

Way to much wrong with this kit even at a glance :(

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Wish to appeal the refusal of my request. I utalized the CRLs and from what i saw, there is no indication that FX armor is not allowed. Only the bucket, in which this case mine is an ATA bucket. Why am I being singled out being that I have Police Officer with the same armor? Also confusing on the backback. I purchased a Dirtyboy backpack about 2 years ago years ago. So again, noting stated in the CRS's about anything of that nature or sort.

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Gday todd

As i said n im sorry to so so believe me

Besides it being fx which as you said might not be the issue and i tend to agree there but..

There are many many mods needed to body of your armour but your biggest issue is the legs i feel they are way beyond apprval or modification

With a emense amount of work tou could maybe pull it off but seems useless

The thigh shape has been cut way to much to repair especially when the gap between thoghs n knees is so extreme and unapprovable

The ab plate needs mucho work as some details/dhapes are wrong and the left side rivets need to be side by side not seperated so far by the shim you have there

All this is just from a quixk glance

Trust me your not being singled out

Simply that your armour is beyond swat approval

And im really sorry but thats just SWAT

Please check my swat approval for the same trooper

SWAT is no picnic

Again sorry mate

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To be clear it is possible but a butt load of modification n wprk matie

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Hi Todd,

I can understand your disappointment but SWAT is not a static program but constantly evolving with research and new discoveries being made.

To reflect this we had a CRL update last year voted by the MEPD community.

Please see here the results on FX armor and backpack:




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