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Fellow Sandys,

As you know, us TDs/TKs aren't on the top of the pay scale at the good ol' Empire. We have to make do with our meager paychecks. I thought I'd share my cheap and easy E-11 prop build in case there are any other troopers looking for an inexpensive E-11.

I used Rubie's Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Costume Blaster from Amazon, a drill, some paint, and some greeblies to spice it up. The blaster isn't 100% screen accurate when it comes to size and shape, but it is pretty close. With a little TLC, you can turn a toy into a nice prop.





Greeblies used:

Electric shaver power cord from Amazon for $5, got the idea from whitearmor.net

5/32” x ¼” pop rivets from Home Depot for $5

Hard drive screws from work for free

3 pin inline mic connector used as the Hengstler counter connector, from eBay, 2 for $5 shipped

E-11 power cylinders from Shapeways.com for $10 with coupon

E-11 D-ring from Shapeways.com for $2.50

E-11 D-ring mount from Shapeways.com for $3.50

Scope reticles for free from whitearmor.net

If you are interested in the build, you can check out the YouTube video here:

Its not the best looking blaster in Mos Eisley, but it is a fun build and not terribly expensive.

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Looks pretty good. Thanks for the idea and parts list

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That looks awesome man!! The video you put together is stellar! Lots of TLC went into that I can tell. I think it's a great how to for people not ready to jump into a doopydoo's resin build but want something a little more handmade than a hyperfirm. Great work Damon!

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