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Found 3 results

  1. Arrest #0001, Monash Childrens Hospital Community Open Day Apr 2nd 2017 Darth's game of invisible basketball wasn't really impressing anyone...
  2. Darth Mout

    TD9841 Tour of Duty (54 arrests)

    Here is my list of trooping since i have mi TD armor approved. (I´ll try to find all pics) 1.- YepaFest! (JUN-23-2012) - Instituto México Primaria - Mexico City 2.- Christmas in the hospital (DEC-25-2012) - National Pediatric Institute - Mexico City 3.- Jawaton 2013 (JAN-06-2013) - Temascalapa, State of Mexico 4.- La Mole ComicCon (MAR-23-2013) - ExpoReforma - Mexico City 5.- Star Wars Day at TECterrey (APR-10-20 de Mon13) - Toluca, State of Mexico 6.- Star Wars en Autocinema Coyote (MAY-31-2013) - Mexico City 7.- YepaFest! (JUN-15-2013) - Instituto México Primaria - Mexico City 8.- La Mole ComicCon (JUL-28-2013) - ExpoReforma - Mexico City 9.- ExpoColeccionistas VIII (AUG-11-2013) - WTC Mexico City 10.- Kermes Casa Hogar (SEP-07-2013) - ESCA Santo Tomás - Mexico City 11.- Movie Show "PLANES" (SEP-2013) raising funds for earthquake victims - Mexico City 12.- Hasbro (OCT-06-2013) - Walmart Tepeyac - Mexico City 13.- Fundraising for "1 Kilo de Ayuda" (OCT-26-2013) - Mexico City 14.- La Mole ComicCon (DEC-15-2013) - ExpoReforma - Mexico City 15.- Christmas in the hospital (DEC-25-2013) - National Pediatric Institute 16.- La Mole ComicCon (MAR-16-2014) - WTC Mexico City 17.- Travesuras en TEC de Monterrey (APR-26-2014) - Mexico City 18.- Visita Hospital 20 de Noviembre del ISSSTE (APR-27-2014) - Mexico City 19.- Día del niño CHILD´S DAY (MAY-03-2014) - Shriner´s Hospital - Mexico City 20.- Visita a niños (MAY-17-2014) - Fundación Hogar Dulce Hogar - Mexico City 21.- Copa Star Wars Disney (JUN-08-2014) - Cancún Quintana Roo 22.- Evento para Panini Comics (AUG-01-2014) - Museo Memoria y Tolerancia - Mexico City 23.- VANS (AUG-09-2014) - Palacio de Hierro, Mexico City 24.- VANS (AUG-10-2014) - Palacio de Hierro Satélite, State of Mexico - (looking for pic) 25.- Visit to VANS Distribution Center (AUG-30-2014) - Cuatitlán State of MExico 26.- Visit to cancer ill kids (SEP-06-2014) - Casa Hogar Luz de Vida - MExico City 27.- YepaFest! (SEP-27-2014) - Instituto México Primaria - Mexico City 28.- Visiting Kids (OCT-04-2014) - Hospital Psiquiátrico Infantil Dr Juan N. Navarro - Mexico City 29.- HAsbro Black Series (OCT-17-2014) - Walmart Tepeyac - Mexico City 30.- La Mole ComicCon (NOV-09-2014) - WTC Mexico City - (looking for pic) 31.- International Ballon Festival (NOV-15-2014) - Leon City 32.- ExpoColeccionistas IX (NOV-30-2014) - WTC Mexico City 33.- Rotary Club fundraising (DEC-07-2014) - TExcoco State of MExico 34.- Expo Automovil (DEC-14-2014) - Plaza Cuicuilco Mexico City 35.- Star Wars in the Old West (DEC-21-2014) - Villas del Viejo Oeste, Durango City 36.- "El Almohadazo" Mexican TV Show (JAN-05-2015) - Instalaciones MVS MExico City 37.- Star Wars in Autocinema Coyote, EP IV, V and VI (JAN-17-2015) - MExico City 38.- Star Wars in Autocinema Coyote, EP I, II and III (JAN-21-2015) - MExico City 39.- Día del niño CHILD´S DAY (APR-25-2015) - FEDEX Toluca State of MExico 40.- "Carrera por Camila" (MAY-17-2015) - La Poderosa (Radio Station) Leon City 41.- Fundraising for RedCRoss (MAY-23-2015) - Forum Buenavista MExico City 42.- Visiting KIds (JUN-21-2015) - National Pediatric Institute - MExico City 43.- Panini Comic Show (JUN-27-2015) - Sanborn´s Plaza Universidad Mexico City 44.- Force Friday (SEP-03-2015) - Liverpool Polanco Mexico City 45.- Vuelve el Autocinema Coyote (SEP-11-2015) - MExico City 46.- La Mole ComicCon (SEP-20-2015) - WTC México City 47.- The Force Awakens Premiere (DEC-17-2015) - Plaza Universidad MExico City 48.- Día del nilo tienda Confetty (APR-30-2016) - Plaza Lindavista MExico City 49.- Día Star Wars en el Estadio de los Diablos Rojos del MExico (MAY-21-2016) - Estadio Fray Nano Mexico City 50.- Sesión de fotos para Colectivo Insania (OCT-08-2016) - Pachuca HIdalgo 51.- Halloween in The Clover (OCT-31-2017) - The Clover Institute, Toluca State of MExico 52.- CardCapital ComicConvention (NOV-25-2017) - Toluca State Of MExico 53.- TrainingDay Monterrey (APR-29-2018) - Monterrey City 54.- SOLO Premiere (MAY-24-2018) - Cinemex, Durango City 55.- Unboxing Toy Convention (AUG-04-2018) - WTC Mexico City 56.- Delivery of toys to children in need / (SEP-09-2018) - Zacatepec de Hidalgo, Morelos
  3. PNE's Toytopia, Vancouver, BC Sep. 2, 2017 I finally found the droid I'm looking for!!! ZOMBIE WALK, Vancouver, BC (not a 501st event) August 26, 2017