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  1. Hi, I'm making a start on Backpack #3. Currently collecting all the various bits. I couldn't find any suitable exhausts so decided to have a ago at making a 3D model. I have printed this (in resin) and I was super pleased with the final result! You will need a jubilee clip/worm drive hose clamp to finish it off, the hose is optional as I have included one in the model. A bit of light sanding might (probably will) be required. Let me know what you think! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5461254
  2. Zyzgy

    TD from the UK

    Hi all, TD21064 signing in from the UK! I've recently joined up and had my Sandie cleared (RS Prop Masters). Just completed my first troop a few days back and it was fantastic - I'm hooked! There is always room for improvement and so I'm now looking to move my armor along (no pun intended!) and make it even better!
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