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  1. Hi. Great work. This will surely help with mine. Don’t suppose you have or know of another like this for the dlt-19?
  2. Great advice for those who are unsure. Great job peoplE
  3. Thanks Christine, I really appreciate the feedback. I rushed to put the armour on without thinking of aligning the pieces. As for being short, I think other parts will need trimmed (such as arm pieces), not just the legs. I think that I will have to gear up and get some new photos from more angles, in order to see what is needed. Thanks again,Glen.
  4. Hi Christine, thanks for the input. I have attached another photo, hopefully a better quality one. I do have curved and straight snips, but if dremmel is faster without melting I would be happy. Although a little sanding would be fine to pass time. Thanks again, Glen
  5. Hi all. I have just joined. My Sandy armour is nearly complete. I just need to trim my leg pieces as they are a little too long (see attached photo). I was thinking of taking roughly 1/2 an inch from top of thigh, and the same from the ankle. I was going to use something like dremmel but thought it might melt due to heat. Then thought tin snips and sand the edges. My other thought was to add mesh behind the frown. What is the general consensus of this? I understand it is one of those Marmite moments, either you love it or hate it. All help is really appreciated. Thanks,Glen
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I am sure to be asking more from The forum. Cheers
  7. Hi all, my name is Glen, thanks for adding me. I am from the north east of England. I haven’t had my Sandtrooper armour cleared yet as I need to trim the leg pieces, which I will need a little advice on later. I will also have to quiz members on my lid too. Anyway, thanks for adding me, hope to chat soon
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