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  1. Here is some updated pics with what Armour I have done thus far.
  2. Hello All, TI-42473 G. Hask Inferno Squad (Ed) here. I am working on my 2nd 501st costume. The sandtrooper has been on my list for awhile now. I have a Anovos TK kit I picked up from another member that decided not to use it. I am currently working slowly on it. In the past 3 weeks or so I have really been working ******* the back pack. Using Happy Troopers build thread and a little from Scoth ( I may have spelled that wrong. Sorry I didn't wright it down). I have almost completed the pack. I still need the canteen. I tried to get one from a member here but due to the Covid pandemic he cant ship here to the states. So I have gotten 3d files for it. Just need the dimension's for it to have a friend print it. I am hoping to have this completed and submitted in the next month or so. Pics below of my pack as it sits now. still need some touch up painting and than the canteen. Then dirty time. Thanks
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