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  1. Would like everyone’s feedback back on my helmet. Suggestions and tips would be great fun! Used @pandatrooper technique this time with the helmet. Thank you Some areas are tough due to the roundness like the lower back side and the top.
  2. Yes definitely no Mimban Lol
  3. Thanks. I saw that you refer Vallejo paints as well like Vallejo game earth? Would it be necessary to add that or would that be dark? I have this wash by Vallejo and maybe use it in the nooks and cranny’s. This stuff works great. To bad Vallejo doesn’t make a big bottle of it.
  4. Hey guys. Used the same method like @pandatrooper on his weathering. I like it! Wondering how dirty can you get and when do you stop yourself from getting super dirty? Here is the Ab plate. I did it the second time because I didn’t like the results. And after. Before And After. Am I going the right direction? I usually weather things that are 1:72-1:148 scale and this is the first time weathering something at 1:1 scale. I do intend to do another round on the forearms, shoulder bells, and so fourth. Thank you all!
  5. @pandatrooper thank you for posting the tutorial on weathering. This is the way!
  6. Thank you for the response. If I choose basic approval how do I request that approval?
  7. So this question must of been asked before. I am preparing to build up my Anovos to a Sandy. I notice that the backpack is an option and that is a good thing for me because I would love to build it later down the road. Can I still get “approval” of the Police officer program without the backpack and rock out the pauldron and pouches? If I do build the backpack, can I reuse my request for my backpack included with the assembled armor? Thank you all troopers! Happy New Years!
  8. Hello, my name is Nick. I am a avid scale model builder. Right now I am working on a Anovos TK kit that I want to make in a TD now. Was going to make it in to a ESB EIB or Centurion but, this seems right down my alley due to some abs not matching properly with the Anovo’s milky white color. So my modeling skills are leaning me to the “dirty side!”
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