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  1. I want to do this build so bad.. I have a ANH (some parts kinda B grade) kit almost finished that I could easily do jedi, but I can't afford the sexy CK backpack.. my wife would murder me.. lol. I may just do the armor up for a mannequin,forget going for a second costume approval and figure out a backpack later....
  2. Hi guys.. Mike ...TK41576 of the Canadian Garrison here. I'm working on a new kit, I'd like to do the SE sandtrooper.. I'm a little confused to what armor I can and can't use. I know its jedi armor reused but its the ANH era... with a TK Ab and knee. I have a TK with TD parts..1/2 buit now... but Im looking for clarification before I go further. I seen that the magma trooper is a jedi kit but there was talk of allowing ANH or ESB kits for basic as its in that era... Please help.
  3. Im looking to do this sandy right now.. I'm 1/2 done my build but I'm looking for the CRL... or some direction.. Ive built like 7 TK's now.. I dont need any help with my building... Just specifics.. I have both sandtrooper and TK parts... everything except the clam hands and the backpack. It looks like it has Jedi parts... but not sure on the knee looks like it could be TK knee. Any help on my build would be great.. Thanks in advance.
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