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  1. Update: received the Pyle and yeah, it's about twice as loud as my other speaker. I kinda want to buy another one so I can have one inside the backpack and one inside my chest armor for talking. I can run both mic and mp3 player through the speaker at the same time but it would be nice not to have to talk over the chatter.
  2. I just ordered the Pyle-pro speaker that a lot of troopers use and see if that is louder. If nothing else I will just mount the speaker inside the chest armor and use it for talking.
  3. Yes, the holes have been drilled.
  4. Hey guys, I didn't know if I should post this in the backpack or the electronics sub-forum. But anyway, here is my backpack that I finished building a few weeks ago. And here is my current setup to play a chatter loop through the radio. Below is a video of the sound, click on it to watch. Down to business, while this little speaker is definitely loud enough inside my house, when I trooped this past weekend I could barely hear it. I even asked the people around me and they could barely hear it. So my question is, what type of speaker is everyone using to get a good loud sound through their radio?
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