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  1. TheSwede

    Detachment Leader 2019

  2. TheSwede

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Yeah it’s awesome!
  3. TheSwede

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    Looks fantastic but why not put be gloves and boots on? I’m sick too but gonna troop tomorrow anyway, in all fairness it’s just a bit of the sniffles
  4. TheSwede

    TD 99665 TheSwede`s Tour of Duty (I arrest)

    Thanks Can`t wait to do another - loving the Sandtrooper
  5. TheSwede

    TD 99665 TheSwede`s Tour of Duty (I arrest)

    Thanks and yeah it was awesome
  6. TheSwede

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    The kids all asked why I was dirty, that’s what you get beeing the only TD and the T-21 made some eyes pop that’s for sure...don’t remember how many times I bumped it in the side of my helmet when carrying it on the shoulder though Only hick-up was the belt popping loose on one side but I guess I’m the only one grunting when seeing it as no visitor would ever notice that Got some more pics from the EC so an update is to be made after I blurred a few faces
  7. TheSwede

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    It was great! A big Convention with a massive crowd throughout the day, Convention is 3 days but only had the chance to go today...best part was when I hit the floor with my son, we were quite the crowd stoppers just the 2 of us and when we picked up 3 more Troopers the reactions when the visitors saw us comming was priceless, I mean they are used to organized Marches, 3 each day but now we were just cruising the floor Started a Tour of Duty with some pics and expect to see yours as well
  8. Heroes Comic Con in Stockholm Sep-15th [charity raised: 2839USD to the childrens cancer fund] First arrest was a BIG one Was patroling the Capital when we spotted the Wookie Chewbacca…..we immediately took action and secured the area, he promised not to use his weapon so we let him keep it. That`s my son to the right, he insists on staying on the Death star most of the times…. Rest of the Patrol was mostly to stay on post keeping the Citizens on a thight leash...eeeh..I mean happy and safe celebrating the Empire. Got som more pics from the CO - can`t have enough pics right
  9. TheSwede

    Wook's Docking Bay 94 Captain Build (AP)

    If haven`t left for the Troop already - take the field pack!! Went through some heavy crowds with mine to today and it held up fine
  10. TheSwede

    TheSwede`s "look Sir! droids" SWAT build [RS]

    Well...the Sandtrooper already has alot of accessories with the pauldron, field pack, extended arsenal etc but I figured having some more wouldn`t hurt And...I´m pretty sure this is a droid we are looking for!! I need a net bag to finish this of so I can carry it in my hand or strapped to the pack on those non-formal troops or when I´m attending as Joe-public As a nice change of pace I won`t say anything, just show how I did - feel free to ask if some thing is unclear though
  11. TheSwede

    TK to TD Sergeant

    Awesome! Happy LBB-day