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  1. Shawn, Fab work. As you know I love this pack and will be tapping you up in the new year for one. Still looking at rigging options on this to get the 'clean' no straps attachment. Interesting to see the Republic Commando attachment method. May be thinking of going dedicated back plate route i.e. attaching permanently to a back plate that I switch out with another 'clean' back plate for other deployment options i.e. no pack, ANH packs, or using the Crystal Patrol pack etc.
  2. Thanks all. As mr paul says, as soon as we get the original investigation, de-construction and build thread up (from the FISD and our FB page thread), then we'll update with subsequent observations made over the last few months; as we're still investigating this pack, especially variations to the SWCE 2016 pack and those seen in promo material , other reference, and in the movie - Rogue One...