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  1. Many thanks, will give it a go. Didnt get a huge amount done in the last couple of days, just finishing the weathering, adding a little more on the bucket in certain areas, like around the ears, but that's about it. I did manage to get my latex handguards on last night though Just need to weather the gloves around the connection and I am set. Since I am still waiting on the pauldron/pouches/sniper plate I think this weekend will be devoted to preparing my E-11. Its a doopy's with the T-Jay completion kit. I am also working on a pipe build blaster and if it works, I will post the progress
  2. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the comments. Got a little achieved last night but will take some pics later tonight of more progress. mikelbrierly: Thanks for the tip on the belt. I was thinking I would have to do something about the holes but I will definitely get onto it. Question while I am thinking about it. What did everyone use to weather there canvas part of the belt and shoulder bridges?
  3. Thanks Hausi, much appreciated. Don’t worry, ordered these when I first got the suit just got to glue them to my chemical gloves
  4. Onto weathering. I have also been researching this quite a lot and decided on the acrylic paint route as I think it looks more natural. I watched a few of the videos in the weathering section here beforehand and gathered my supplies to start. Rather than going freehand I wanted to base the look on a trooper from the movie. I think this will help for the future PO application anyways. The first part was the chest and ab, in the picture below the chest was almost finished and the ab has just been started My finished back piece Finished belt 90% Finished bucket Handguards Thighs and right shin I am going to add a little more tan to the lower shin and also upper thighs and maybe the bucket but not 100% yet. I will also apply some pigments to some of the thicker weathered areas for a little more of the crusty look. I still have to do my belt, shoulder bridges and boots. I am still waiting on my pauldron, sniper plate & pouches to come in so I am waiting to weather my right shin until then. Hopefully not to far way!
  5. Next thing to tackle as the shims on the sides. My widest gap was about 5cm and knowing that I would love to get to at least Police Officer status I would need to get these closed. I started doing some research on various forums for the best way to close this down and decided to add some styrene sheet in a similar colour and then paint up the kidney piece. I started by trimming the return edge and then adding some styrene to pad out the gap Then added a piece on the inside to support the face piece and give strength Once dry I could then attach the outside plate. Rather than just butt joining them together I decided to slice both edges on a 45 degree angle to create a smoother overlapping join and by adding glue on this edge it would give more overall strength. After the E6000 had dried I could try out my shims and I found I need to adjust the angle of the kidney and bring the sides in a touch. I decided to use a heat gun but geez it was scary, I was worried I would melt everything! It seem to work though Now everything fit it was time to fill it all up. I was going to use an ABS paste but since I would need to paint it all up to match the colour anyways and it was all very rigid I decided on Milliput in the superfine white. It all dried nicely and sanded very well Some more test fitting , trimming and then some adjusting and it was time to paint. I just used a humbrol gloss while rattle can for the base white, followed by some custom mixed white in the airbrush to match the new plastic in with the old and a bit of clear over the top. Reinstall the 3 rivets on the left hand side and I am pretty chuffed with the result!
  6. It's been a long time coming but I am finally started my TD build. After completing my ANH Tie Pilot last year I had been waiting for the right time to get started on a Sandy and the opportunity came earlier in the year when one of our garrison members was selling a built set of TM armour that had been set up as a TK. It fit quite well except I would have to shims the sides and adjust a few straps. After I finished some mods to my Tie pilot setup I got into the Sandy a couple of weeks ago and started working on the conversion. I plan to post up pics as I go along so warning this thread might get picture heavy. Here is the armour when I received it all. The only part I had to supply was the boots, which are from Imperial boots. The TM set is fantastic and 99% of it is perfect for me. So first thing to do from here is to take off any parts that are TK which included the ab plate buttons, the shoulder straps on the chest plate and the piece on the left knee. So glad it was put together with E6000! I also had to remove the holster from the belt and remove the drop boxes Was kind of nice to have it started and could start to see it taking shape.
  7. Hi everyone. My name is Jason and I am an approved ANH Pilot looking to become a TD. I am currently working with a set of TM armor and waiting for some other bits to come in, might even do a build thread as I am waiting
  8. Requesting 501st Access please Ti-86557 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24574 Many thanks
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