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  1. Guess what came in the mail today! Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr If I am NOT replicating the "Move Along" pack, but another pack from the alley scene, is the angle bend needed? The whole pack is already curved. I know there was discussion about the Move Along pack being the one with the major bend in it that everyone replicates, but there were questions on whether or not the other troopers had such harsh bends in between the seed trays (top and bottom). This for example has very little bend: 1.8 by Iggy, on Flickr
  2. Thanks for the heads up. On that note: just scored a Karrimor pack. Should arrive next week. Where can one get accurate seed trays? Best place? Suggestions?
  3. Great job. Awesome to have your house number. You could get a 501st sign made up and put it there as well and it would be accurate to your address!
  4. Guess what came in the mail this week? I found a good price from an Etsy seller and it came with this and another random canteen. Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Also! Someone right around the corner from my work had a Brexton set listed on eBay and I asked about the Tupperware. Scored 2 Brexton boxes! Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr + Vintage Tupperware pudding cups and a bunch of wetones bottles.
  5. @Strider Yes that helps a lot. Thank you!
  6. Understood. I will be progressing towards the docking bay v2 pauldron-less trooper at the moment as I continue my pack build since my white pauldron is with stitch lines and the alley trooper shows cleaner and doesn't show stitch lines.
  7. What is the width of your pack? I see the height but no witdh (seed tray size, etc.). I probably missed it.
  8. Even looking at strider's build there isn't a complete thread relating all of the different sizes in a clean layout. If you want to create one it would help all troopers going forward. The frame width being around 0.75" pipe. Top to bottom around 50cm, tray sit area 40cm. No width mentioned in the back (side to side).
  9. TD-29992 requesting Sandtrooper Access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=14894&costumeID=2
  10. YESSS!!
  11. Yeah. I no longer click on people's photobucket links. Half the time I get the picture. Half the time I get 10 pop up ads and the iphone tries to kill the pages, etc. Not fun. And I still have my photobucket account, but stopped using it as well. Strider's is one of the pages I have been following for building this one. On another note, just submitted my Sandtrooper for basic approval. I have weathered in same style as the Docking Bay no pauldron V2 trooper, just need to lighten some of my fullers earth because the clearcoat made it much darker than I was wanting.
  12. These would at least go for Police Officer correct? Is there a thread here with dimensions? I see mention of threads, but all of the pictures are photobucket and almost all of the links are broken. The text I have ready hasn't really explained the exact dimensions other than the karrimor frame is 3/4" diameter aluminum tubing, which the 1/2" PVC is actually right there at 3/4" outside diameter., so I have based my frame starting with the correct size tubing. Maybe we can compile an exact dimension of known parts thread. Lots of bits are strewn about.. Many forums are like this though, so I have been searching quite a bit for the different parts. Where can one find the accurate sonic radio files? I have found some on thingiverse that are linked in the 3D print thread here. The sides don't have the milled upward lines though I have noticed. Here is my newly created frame using the looks of the Karrimor: Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr On another note, I purchased some wet ones for the packs and some tupperware pudding cups for the tops.
  13. So is this filter thing in one scene, and you all are saying no filter in another? It definitely looks like a different color than the base seed trays so i would say install the filter portion. I will be referencing and building the same pack for my Anovos build.
  14. Hello MEPD! I am working my way towards a Sandtrooper . I have an Anovos kit I picked up from someone else who decided they didn't want to start their build. I have so far build the whole suit up (rivets, screws, snaps and all) and have not yet started the weathering. I want to make sure I get the right parts weathered in the right places. I have a white pauldron with the sew lines, but I am looking to emulate the alley sergeant here: 3.2 by Iggy, on Flickr Meaning 2 small spanish pouches and Pack Number 1. Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Sneak into the armor build: Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Anywho... I figured I would build up a few packs to at least meet P.O. Requirements until I can get more accurate and build a SWAT Level Pack. Honestly I haven't found many posts on Pack Number 1's filter/vent thing upper left so I haven't ordered anything for that at this time. I bent my 1/2" PVC to 150 degrees. Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Then I decided, lets bend more... Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Then cut to size. Next to some seed trays I picked up. (I can modify these as necessary, but I have seen these work in other builds here). Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr I will be using 1/2" CPVC fittings to give the correct curves in the right places I really like the look of the original Karrimor packs with the upper slight bend in them, so to do that I added a 1/2" CPVC Tee and 1/2" CPVC Cap. I also bend a piece of my 1/2" PVC to go in between. I also wanted to match the cut off look of the pack instead of just a curved upper portion. Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr The 1/2" CPVC fittings match really well with the 1/2" PVC pipe. To fit them together I used 1/2" CPVC pipe. I had to heat up the PVC in order to squeeze the CPVC inside (it is just a hair too big, but fits once heated). Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr I will be using 90 Elbows and 45 degree fittings to match the shape of the bottom part of the frame. In the meantime I started printing away at the Radio and other accessories. Untitled by Iggy, on Flickr Until I ran out of filament. I did get the top face of the radio, bottom face of the radio, 2 sets of the strap brackets, the upper portion of the siphon, but only part way through the bottom part of the siphon).
  15. I will progress with the alley trooper as there are more pictures of that one.