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  1. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Here you are Dutchy arrogance pose with big gun
  2. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    It's my objective for the future...
  3. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=22308&costumeID=2 I obtained my TD designation today! So proud
  4. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Lorenzo Ruaro TD50990 Italica Garrison I humbly request access, thanks! here my TD profile https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=22308&costumeID=2 (I also have an officer, should I also request the 501st members access ?)
  5. spOOL68's TD Armor Build

    Thx! Very very nice..
  6. TD build

    Keep on building your armor man, great work so far... nothing more to said in addition to the good advice AirborneTrooper already gives you
  7. spOOL68's TD Armor Build

    What the..... :0 you rock my friend... Amazing, nothing to add.. just a question, where do you have acquired that box??
  8. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Thanks guys I really love how she appears now there are some details to fix, especially on the helmet and on the backplate, but the overall aspect will be the same
  9. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    It has been a while fellow sand troopers... During these months I managed to complete my armor, first using acrylic sprays (Games workshop black and brown), then with the precious help from Philo TD6187 a new and a proper weathering.. Need to repair my E-11 and one of the pouch.. After that I'll send my application... v1.0 (acrylic spray) (Lucca comics 2016, 5days of trooping with my fellow brothers and sisters from Italica Garrison) v2.0 (earth pigments ) (Thanks Alberto TD9009 for the T21)
  10. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Thanks buddy, I'll try to do as you suggested! i'll have to "clean" it
  11. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Good morning fellow Sandtroopers, I'm sorry for the lack of progresses on my armor, but I was very busy in this period, due to my university and some family issues.. by the way I managed to complete my armor, so I will show it to you.. but first, I Have some questions... First of all... How do you fix the MP40 pouch to the left shoulder? Can someone provide some photos,please? It will be very helpful! second.... The rivets and metal parts MUST be white for PO or not? third... I can't find a pair of black gloves, and for now I won't use the rubber ones ANOVOS provides... I'll buy them from Trooperbay when I'll upgrade my armor for the PO submission! So guys, any suggestions? Me in the armor... Minus the gloves, pouches weapon i'll show more details later..
  12. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Thanks Airborne Trooper! So, the rivets ANOVOS gives me are good, but I have to correct their position... Should be easy
  13. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Good afternoon Guys I have made very little progresses this week, but anyway I'm happy with it. The "body" is finished but I have some questions for you.. First of all... This is one rivet thatANOVOS included in the armor kit, and since I want to obtain the PO badge I want to be sure that they are correct...so are they correct for PO? Second question... Rivet placement...same question, correct or not? Thanks to all who will answer to me! Ah yes... This morning my black Pauldron arrived (plus my Staff officer leather boots ) I hope to show you my armor built for next week.. Dorn out...
  14. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Good evening to everyone Thanks for your replies:D So guys I'm very very happy, because I managed to do something on my kit; it's my first build so every small progress is a great step for me Some photos invia immagini The biceps and the forearms are fully closed. I added an internal cover strip and filled every gaps with liquid ABS paste (don't know if there is a more specific term). They are missing their outer cover strip, I'll add them tomorrow (I hope) The back the kidney and the posterior armor are complete, and ready to wear and weather. tomorrow and Saturday I'll work on the legs, hope to show you more progresses next week! Dorn out...
  15. ANOVOS TD in Progress

    Hello to everyone! I start this topic to show you my progresses on my ANOVOS kit; I have decided to build a TD with PO standards, but, since I like creating my own characters I won't go for SWAT. My final goal will be a fully armed and operational PO, but for now, just a regular Sandtrooper with E11, Black Pauldron and two pouches. Sooo.... Well mandatory photo of the Box And... Fifty shades of white I hope to show you more next week! Saluti! Dorn Out!