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  1. tk432

    Getting a Phishing Warning

    I was contacted about this (I own the domain MEPD.net) its good until 2017 and the name servers look good. I have no admin rights to the servers, so really have no way to help. But if the DNS needs changed let me know. In my experience there is some rogue code somewhere on the site.
  2. Sandtrooper.net has moved to MEPD.net Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change.
  3. I remeber years ago when these things where every where on ebay. Looks like the 501st has really cleaned house, i dont think there are many reall ones left.
  4. tk432

    Site Updates...

    i hate .19 with a passion. I had to remod the Mountain Garrison board. I'll be updating sandtrooper.net soon. But allot of mods dont work with .19. so tempting to go vision board.
  5. tk432

    Site Updates...

    Well its been for ever since the site has been updated. We now have a trooper willing to maintain mepd.net, YIPPEEE Chris Rhoads / TD1043 will be the new webmaster of MEPD.net I will maintain the forum (software upgrades and mishaps).. I will leave it to the DL to appoint any needed moderators, as he sees fit. Looking back over the year, this place has BOOMED. Keep up the good work troopers, and get dirty.
  6. tk432

    Upcoming Elections.

    If anyone was missed please repost.
  7. HOLY COW. i remebr getting mine off ebay for 25 bucks. man ive been around longer then i think.
  8. tk432

    Current Deployment Status

    once the election is over I'll try to set up template files for the website and let the DL choose a new web team. I have allot on my plate, and need to hand some of this off to the welling.
  9. tk432

    AK Aurora Boralis Outpost, Now Offical

    GREAT LOGO love the name about dam time they approved it to
  10. tk432

    Upcoming Elections.

    Good to see you here again Joey. all added/readded
  11. tk432

    Upcoming Elections.

    If you still cant see the 501st area please re-post, but we should be set.
  12. tk432

    Upcoming Elections.

    With fallowing 501st standard elections protocol. Starting January 1st we will begin the annual election process for Detachment Leader of the Mos Eisley Police Department. # Nominations will be taken from January 1 to January 31. # Votes will be taken from February 1 to February 15. The Detachment leader is responsible for maintaining the detachment. In the case of the M.E.P.D. the DL must have a costume of M.E.P.D. quality. In order to vote you MUST be an active member of the 501st, many members are working towards a Sandtrooper costumes, but are not "deployed" to the M.E.P.D, they are still allowed to vote. If you can not enter the 501st only area please post here to insure you are granted access before elections take place.
  13. Due to family medical issuses. I havent had enough time to update the deployed pics. But thanks to Chris i have allots of pics to put up. As soon as i find the time, they will go up
  14. tk432

    gallery question

    you can use the gallery and prepare the BBcode your self. or use the site listed above.
  15. tk432

    gallery question

    If you have Windows XP i sudgest you use this very handy tool. http://www.sandtrooper.net/gallery/xp_publish.php but, for just posting a pic on the forum, the other free services even give you the needed BBcode tags for easy posting