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  1. Awesome so far! They may say something about your clean canvas on the belt Give it a quick once over with the weathering! Looking good, see you soon in our ranks!
  2. Looks great! Good luck and see you soon in the ranks!
  3. Thanks Scribbler! I received a pic from Luis but it hasn't uploaded to the PO roster. I see that he has been busy
  4. Great build! Good luck and see you in the tanks soon!
  5. Looks great! Almost there! Love your all your weapons!
  6. I was actually in the middle of this same decision with myself last year. T-21 or the DLT-19? Fortunately for me, a (then) new company started making great prop weapons and had a special for DLT-19s. So I went with the great deal and couldn't be happier!
  7. Definitely more pics! But looking great so far! Good luck!
  8. TD 42701 Requesting Sandtrooper access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17772
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