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  1. ID 2543 entering the sandpit

    Had a convention over the last weekend and here is my unapproved TD ~ I haven't submitted yet because the weathering isn't complete (in the pic there is no third layer) and kinda want to redo it as it's too yellow. Hopefully can lighten it up and add more dirt and details. It was a rush job with the weathering, just 3 days before the event. Also waiting for new pauldron from Trooper1. Quite glad I am getting one from him because the one on me (by Trooperbay) is too big - (that is why I did not weather it)
  2. ID 2543 entering the sandpit

    Spot on, did trim the sides a bit more (including the abdomen sides) and played with how much the chest armor should overlap and pull up the whole thing. Did consider raising it outward but I've seen one of my garrison members with that and it doesn't look very nice to me. Got some of the 'paint drips' done today~ Started weathering the T21 too, wonder if anyone sells the rubber ribbing only
  3. ID 2543 entering the sandpit

    sorry for the slow update, been busy... got the tube stripes done, and i'm really happy with how it looks I also got the crotch part sorted out and it's much less of a pain to walk now. Tomorrow I will go through the weathering forum and then buy paint. Just a small question, what is this gap between the ear and helmet I'm reading of from the SWAT section? Since photobucket's recent changes a lot of pictures aren't loading... Btw uh, is there a way to resize these photos, they are huge on my screen. it's linked from FB.
  4. ID 2543 entering the sandpit

    Thanks guys. I'll look into getting the tube stripe template shortly, and also noted about the paint drips! Some update pics. My strapping system. The chest piece will overlap in future, just a pic to show the brackets: Progress isn't so fast and I've run into a little problem. The crotch area is still too big/wide for me despite being trimmed to the maximum. Here's a pic of me in it (yes it looks overall terrible, more trimming on the sides will have to be done, and I think the arms are too high up?) Now my question is, is it safe (within basic approval and up to L3) to trim more of the crotch sides? I'm not a guy so walking with wider spread leg is quite discomforting. It doesn't cut but it's just makes me walk REALLY awkwardly. I'll get a video next week and you'll see what I mean. But if I can't trim anymore or risk not being L3 approvable in future I might have to rethink if I want that accuracy which I do badly want, or just try not to walk....which isn't feasible. And here's a pic of my T-21. Far from being done or accurate but getting there. My only beef is that it seems overlarge for me at 125~cm long. I'm 168cm tall. It's near impossible to get a smaller one because nothing remotely similar can pass through customs, I had to have this one 3D printed. Still, less worrying than the above problem haha. Yes I'm going for Gariden from Docking Bay 94... Also managed to get replica Hovi-mix mic tips next week I will be done with the shins hopefully, reattach the chest properly. Now I'm scouting for as many references as I can for as close as I can get to screen exact weathering.
  5. ID 2543 entering the sandpit

    Oh...I airbrushed mine. Does that count as hand painted or I literally need to use a paintbrush?
  6. Hey all. I'm currently working on my TD. kit is MTK. Looking to get to L2 and maybe 3 in future Would like to ask some questions along the way...1st one is wrt the helmet, must it be entirely hand painted or just the tube stripes? Grace ID 2543 Singapore Garrison
  7. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Requesting 501st area access Grace ID 2543 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=10799