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  1. TheDon

    Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Maaaaan, now I need to build my pack. I've got one of gordonators siphons and thats about it!
  2. I'm going to do the same with my wrapping although I'm using 1/4" ID tubing. Couldn't find larger stuff locally.
  3. I found one of these today and was curious what you all think of it? It's not the exact ruck sack frame but it's already built so no extra work for me. If anyone wants one let me know I can get one for you for a good price.
  4. TheDon

    Anavos classic armor

    Whenever it arrives......
  5. Original paint '64 beetle. Lowered.......
  6. TheDon

    Where to start?

    when you do start assembling your armor I suggest start with the arms, and first do the biceps. Then do the thighs, shins, ab section/butt plate, kidney plate, back and then chest.
  7. TheDon

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Requesting 501st access Joe Gravelle TKID: TD50415 Garrison: Florida Garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18982
  8. TheDon

    Arienh's TD Build

    I trimmed my forarm ends (elbow end) to follow the curve so I did not have that edge sticking out.
  9. TheDon

    TheDon's TD Build

    I sent in my photos and did my application yesterday. Now I wait! I spent a lot of time researching others and looking at the reference photos and I feel good about my submission.
  10. TheDon

    Radio Shack project box on sale

    Crud! I need one... Now to find a radioshack that's open!!
  11. TheDon

    TheDon's TD Build

    So I made the elastic for the shoulder bells a little longer and they feel better now. I'm going to have to wear my ammo pouches at the hip and use snaps to attach them. I tried to get one to go on my left shoulder but I think the combination of elastic for my chest to back plate is causing me issues. I did cut some wood to fit in the pouches so they look full. Weathered the hand guards as well. I have one regret and that's with my canvas belt. I should have used snaps to attach the plastic to the canvas belt. One rivet pulled out and I had ripped the canvas. So I sewed some canvas over it and installed snaps for that spot .. I used snaps on the armor to help mount the belt and I didn't heat bend the belt since it bends well enough and you can sort of see the snaps. I suspect I might not pass approval with that.
  12. TheDon

    TheDon's TD Build

    So I wore my armor today at an event at my church that was for middle school kids. Kind of a test flight of the sorts. Helmet lenses fogged up after 15 minutes, I didn't have a sweat band on my head so I need one. Afterwards I broke my canvas belt. I used rivets and washers to mount it to the belt and one pulled out. I'm going to repair the belt and use snaps. My hand guards with glued on elastic worked great with the harbor freight gloves I found. Stock aker microphone is terrible so I just ordered a throat mic. I'm considering wiring in two reed switches on the armor for PTT function since I was having issues with the ICOMM PTT button. Work to do tomorrow to get it ready for Approval. Fix belt Weather hand guards Make straps for chest to ab Figure out how to mount canvas ammo pouches to self...also make wood blocks to go in pouches.
  13. TheDon

    TheDon's TD Build

    Pretty much done. I'll take some basic photos for you all to critique before I send them in. No hand plates, waiting for glue to dry.
  14. TheDon

    TheDon's weathering saga

    My fear in doing that is making my armor look like a toasted marshmallow. Ill give it a try on a bicep or something small. I need to redo the shoulder bell elastic bands for the biceps. One is too long and doesn't work. Last thing to do is cut down the plastic hand plates and affix them to my gloves. Long run I'll get the proper gloves and latex hand guards.
  15. TheDon

    TheDon's weathering saga

    What do you think? Too dirty?