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  1. abntroop

    Armor debut

    alright!!! nothin like seein new dirty troops joining the ranks! welcome!
  2. yeah, tdh has always been a little wierd and clicky. pardon the phrase but its almost like you have to give one **** of a BJ to get anyone to help ya over there getting my jango done was like pulling teeth predominately other than a few helpful folks that I had already been pals with here, at bs.net, and ctn. it shows how us legion boys stick together. at this point all the knowledge is gone for the most part, most of the links are dead. its just degenerated into an archive and a bunch od help me and wtb threads (as far as the jango section goes anyway, I don't speak for the zam or boba sections) bummer deal dude, all i can say is at least you still got choices for good boards to hang out on. I wander away from time to time and always find myself comin back here and pokin my nose back in. I like mepd more than any other detachment in the legion. I love my armor, but I like the company more
  3. hey guys what about one of these? if you're a band of brothers fan you'll recognize this group pic pose courtesy of the carolina garrison:
  4. alriiiight! another trooper joins the ranks! congrats man! now go get dirty!
  5. man o man, I remember those days My divorce stretched on for almost a year. That was about the time I transferred outta the carolina garrison up to cloud city squad. I tell ya, theres somethin about the 501st, doesnt matter whether ya know folks, you've just automatically got a bond with folks, and I was lucky to have a little support group up here to help get patched back together. I don't think theres a day that goes by that I don't consider myself lucky in many aspects one of them being part of the 501st. I'm happy for ya bud, looks like you had fun, and you couldnt have been in better hands. Tony! you rock! I look forward to seein ya in december bro! Keep takin care of eachother folks, all we got is eachother whenever that pesky "real life" decides to butt it
  6. lookin good! nice proportions too!
  7. well, I figure with it being so mixed I'd let my buddy order from him1st to see what he gets and roll from there He found the info 1st and passed it to me. only fair LOL! either way, I'll post my .02 when I see it 1st hand.
  8. anyone seen the resin and pvc mg-34 kits on ebay? the detail on em looks good, but I'm really wary of resin anything at this point especially for somethin to troop with. If you got some of this guys gear, pipe up and let us know how it stacks up. ebay seller name: randomodditiescom
  9. nice work guys, thanks for holdin the line
  10. yep, cool project to see going on. over the years with as many of these differences being tacked up to last minute fixes or folks not paying attention I wouldnt be surprised if the hand plates were a goof.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks. MEPD is looking good, nice to get it cleaned up and runnin. Nice to see more member pics up. All in all, lookin good, and wanted to let you guys know we appreciate you puttin in the time and effort. so...you get....a...wookie dance
  12. amazing what some paint does, that looks friggin awesome dude! one step closer! now weather it!!
  13. yeah, I had been changing armor so much and the TD was like the last shoot and I crapped out and ditched the pack, etc due to weather vs. time constraints LOL. Hopefully we can blow it up into a series. thanks though!
  14. sorry bout that link, check out http://www.cloud citysquad.com click on galler, go to page two and get into the csi empire folder.
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