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  1. Be prepared MEPD, you're about to get the smallest Sand Trooper here.

  2. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift; that is why they call it a present.

  3. Thank you very much you guys! I very much appreciate your feedback!
  4. Hello one and all! This is Kristen Bowes from Garrison Carida and I have come across an issue with my TD. I have come to the assembling part of my TD and i'm trying to find a way to correctly fit my ATA armor. The problem I am having is with my chest and ab plate armor. Me being 5''4 with a shorter torso, the chest plate covers a good portion of the ab plate, including the two buttons. Should I trim the chest at the bottom removing the return or is there another way to do it? Would a shorter chest affect if I wanted to apply for SWAT status eventually? Any help would be very much appreciated. -Kristen Bowes
  5. I get my TD kit next week and all my other essentials!

  6. Still waiting for my TD kit from ATA.....

  7. Do you have these in a small? or x-small? What type of fabric is it and such? I really like these shirts.
  8. Just found out more than half of my cross country team are Star Trek fans.....oh boy

  9. Greetings! Hello i'm Kristen Bowes and I joined Garrison Carida back in june! I have already familiarized myself with most of my comrades and I am planning on making a SandTrooper for myself! I hope that I will be able to get the help I need since i'm very new to this.
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