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  1. The 4th is strong with this one.
  2. Nice and subtle, looks good. What paints are you using?
  3. Nice pics. How tall are you Lee? You're towering over those scouts.
  4. Looks like Doopys still does them, but they're just out of stock at the moment. I have a sub assault conversion for my snowtrooper, but you're right, it's not accurate. The shape is totally different. In fact, the only parts that are at all accurate are the conversion parts.
  5. Mirror's Edge was EA too, and that's still an awesome game. Add to that titles like Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect, both of which were massive and well loved, I don't see the problem. And teaming up with DICE again can only be a good thing, again considering Battlefield 3. Can't wait to see more of this.
  6. Yeah, I've been waiting for ROTJ too, but I want that blueprints book sooooooo bad.
  7. As the others have said, the ears are not universal, so a particular set of ears will not fit every helmet. Regarding bumps on the ear caps, I have a VT lid, which I understand is derived from the TE lid which was cast from a screen used helmet. My lid has bumpy ears, so I guess it just depends on the maker.
  8. Wow, look at the calves on that armour! Still, handy for added ventilation in the hot, desert climate.
  9. Congrats Ruggero. The right man for the job.
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