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  1. Defiantly in your state !!!!! You and California got screwed
  2. If you buy it with the 16 barrel You can pay the tax stamp on it and have it cut down to normal size The tax stamp is to turn it in to a short barrel rifle Or SBR and you can still shoot it
  3. This is just like the one that I get tomorrow
  4. Well it is a mark 4 L2A3 but When they come into the USA they have been cut up with a torch all the major pieces are there But the tube everything fits in has been cut . In order to make a leagel fully funchining gun The must have a USA MADE. 16 " barrel Sterling came with 10" barrel Also sterling a were full auto Now they can only be semi auto You can get one that is the right length but it will have 6' of barrel sticking out like a pencil You ca have it cut down but you must pay a $200 tax stamp to make it a short barreled Rifel Then pay to have it cut The gun picture is a fully functioning semi auto Gun that shoots 9 mm ammo
  5. Order this from gunbroker will get it wendsday
  6. Was looking for something else saw this https://www.libertytreecollectors.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=2910&idcategory=0
  7. http://www.ima-usa.com/german-wwii-mp-40-magazine-wehrmacht-pouch-set-grade-2.html
  8. Yes We work well whith each other here The old guy in the pic does he not look like someone famous Like GOERGE LUCAS
  9. We had several clubs there Mando Mercs rebel legion 501st and tidewater alliance (fan force) See anyone that looks familiar
  10. Still working on it will replace the word restaurant with Serving the Emiper 24/7
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