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  1. The forum is back up. Please post anything you see weird going on here. If there is an error message please paste it in your post. However the main mepd site is still broken. I'm working on it still... it may take me a bit. Thanks for your patience, -Eric
  2. All, Apologies for the late notice but the MEPD forums will be doing down Friday August 10 at 8PM EDT for up to 24 hours. The forums are moving web servers and the site will be inaccessible while that happens. Thanks for your patience, -Eric
  3. Or the LMO Speaking of OCD! Your title based on your forum group (member, 501st member, sandtrooper, staff, admin) has a rank. But your custom profile field does as well... so Jason is a sergeant because he's a sandtrooper but a staff sergeant because he's a PO. I think they should still be mutually exclusive so people know who is command staff. And some command staff may not be swat/PO. They don't quite fit into the forum group hierarchy if you get my meaning. -Eric
  4. New badges are uploaded. Everyone hold down shift and click reload. Now the post count is bugging me too LOL -Eric
  5. They're forum member groups. You're either a member, 501st member, sandtrooper, command staff, or an admin based on your increasing levels of access to areas of the forum But never more than one at a time in your profile. -Eric
  6. Heh it's E4.5? Staff Corporal? -Eric
  7. EDIT: It's because it's blank that it doesn't show up. Odd I wonder why it is blank. -Eric
  8. I stuck in the command staff one... please hold down shift and click reload to view it. Thoughts? -Eric
  9. Gordo: I mentioned it in a previous post in this thread but I don't see an easy way to do that. I would have to go into the code of the skin and I'm a little wary of doing so. I need to see what happens to that change when we upgrade this skin. The deal is that the swat and Po badges are custom profile fields where the titles are a regular profile field and this skin has them delineated by post cont. It totally looks weird. Stand by -Eric
  10. If the new DL approves it in a few hours please do make them roughly the same size as the existing ones... or even slightly bigger. Toss them somewhere for me to download and I'll replace the images on the server -Eric
  11. Strider, I am not sure how to move number of posts to the bottom, or if I can. I'll look into it. It's likely in the theme code itself which I'm wary to change. Can you tell me more about what you're trying to move? I don't follow at all. You want to move some posts from somewhere to elsewhere but you can't? Please be specific about what threads you mean and which posts you're trying to move... more importantly what you're clicking on when that causes an error. -Eric
  12. Holleeee that sucked. I think its sorted now. Please everyone double check to ensure everyone who is SWAT and PO have the proper badges. I had to go in and run a few SQL queries in the database to make this happen. Things with custom profile fields changed radically between versions of the forum. It all changed for the better but the old ways super broke when I upgraded. (this is going to suck ass when I upgrade FISD). I'm happy to update the image one new ones are created. -Eric
  13. Oooooh! I get it now. I'm also sorry for the confusion. I am with you now. The 501st member icons seem to be working. That is tied to the forum group you're in (members, admin, sandtrooper, 501st menber) whereas the swat and PO icons are just extra profile information. I'll be working on this today. -Eric
  14. If only there was a member of MEPD (henselmonster) who had those skillz! -Eric
  15. Ok. I think I know what is going on now. I was TOTALLY wrong to what the issue was. All these months I had my head up my shiny white plastic butt. I apologize for taking so long to figure this out. For now I removed the broken image links. There are two things.... First is that for everyone to get their SWAT badge again we'll need to go to everyone's profile in the admin control and reenable it. The same for police officers. That super sucks. I'll need the DOs help with sharing the load on this when we're ready to do it. Second is that I cannot find the "deployed" icon anywhere. I asked Ricky if he remembers who made them. In the mean time I have these two icons: and I'll get back to this tomorrow. With apologies, -Eric
  16. I think I may have this possibly figured out... for the moment everyone is SWAT in their post profile. You're approved... and you're approved... and you're approved! I will fix shortly. -Eric
  17. Heh well its not a bug exactly... but a forum skin design problem. I promise it's in the works. As I mentioned vaguely in the other post... I've got the old version of the forum running to sort out how Bluey inserted those images. Todd has been given admin access to find all that stuff in the old forum's skin. Hopefully he can figure it out because it is not an area of my expertise. -Eric
  18. Aha! They're there... just not in the main menu.
  19. Gordo... are you talking about these two? There's a members tab but not a 501st members tab I think? -Eric
  20. Hi all. I've got a copy of the old forum running to try and figure out how to add all the broken stuff in people's profile posts. Hopefully that will be sorted soon. I just enabled signatures. I think anyone with forum admin rights could have done that. I'm sorry it was disabled for some reason. I don't know why. On the blank page when not logged in... I had no idea the upgrade removed all guest access to the forums. I reenabled guest read only on all the forums that a guest could see previously, except the archive of old posts. Let me know if it looks ok. Did I miss anything? Each of you is welcome to email me if I do not respond here. The number of forum alerts and PMs I get these days is a bit overwhelming. Additionally my phone number is posted in the command staff area. Anyone with access to that area is welcome to text/iMessage me any time of day any day of the week 24/7. Aaand I just did a forum software update. Again... let me know if something is AFU. -Eric
  21. Yep. It looks like email from the forum is broken. I'll look shortly. -Eric
  22. Okay. I get that message too... that's super not right. Gimme a bit and I will add it to my todo list. I was able to make messages appear like you did by fiddling with stuff. -Eric
  23. Huh. Weird. Anyone else seen this? -Eric
  24. I'll email you. Stand by. Tapatalk should be working again me thinks. -Eric
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