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  1. For reasons I don’t get a active swat officer has been listed as retired and expired both of which are in correct. I have my TD and still active in good standings.  The fact I was removed from voting in this detachment is just plan wrong

  2. Having a blast being SWAT. For anybody thinking of joining the SWAT program, it's hard but the pride at least for me to say "I'M SWAT ON MEPD!" was worth it. Just an awesome challenge and thanks to the command staff for all the work on this program.
  3. I did repost the pic with the correct pauldron. I thi nk the issue here is I have more than one puffy pauldrons. Here are a few pics to prove the puffy paulderons. One is has more dirt than the other. Never could decide which one looked better. They are both Trooper1 type pauldrons. As requested here are pics. Hope to be SWAT this year....Heck of an XMAS Present.
  4. No worries there at all. I truely love the pack you made and all it's features. While it wasn't screen accurate for SWAT level, it is truely a superior pack to troop with. The reason it took me as long as it did was the debate of do I change your work or build another. As it sits I made another pack but ended up doing mods to your pack just for this build. Many thanks for this but I still recommend your packs first and foremost as the best pack with superior trooping durability factors. As it stands I still own 3 of your packs which I haven't moded.
  5. Anybody heard from Juan? Been almost a month and I haven't had an approval or update on this. I hope he is alrIght.
  6. My issue is always finding time. Building takes enough looking for stuff just makes it impossible. Without your help and the other guys on here there is no way I could ever find time to make this work. Again I know you can't make all happy when selling stuff. Just remember what you do helps out even if some get upset from time to time with what you send them. Just keep on and know their are guys like me out there who need and rely on those who sell items on the boards. Wouldn't be here without you guys. Many thanks Darren
  7. Thanks Rick for the parts. Made the swap out that much easier. Glad your there to help out.
  8. And the new pics with the changes as recommended the action pose if I make SWAT! Thanks for the support all!
  9. Corrections/rebuilt pack version #3 for SWAT. This is after the rebuild and I left the OG pics in tread for comparison. I rmeoved replaced the top bottle and filter to more accurate stuff. rmoved top end cap on motor tube to comply with on screen version. moved the tool box up in order to be more in line with screen version as well. let me know what you think Rick, Juan and the rest. Hope this works this time.
  10. Ok I see it now. Going to make the mods to it as soon as I can get some more parts. Jaun if you see anything else let me know too. Rick thanks for the help. As far as I'm concerned this is SWAT and the suggested mods are a must. The pack has to look right and now that I know what one it is I'll get it done. Darren
  11. Looks like version three off your website, dirty boy. What do you think.
  12. What pack is that trooper wearing? I'm not sure I know what mod to do to it to make it right. I did what juan suggested with moving the box up and swap out of the radio. Need some reference to make the mods at this point. Darren
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