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  1. not much of an update. spraypaint ordered krylon battleship grey. more plastic for the printer ordered. started siphon printing
  2. no problem. Unfortunately it will be a few days before I can start my next print. Thanks for the reply.
  3. printed out the 1st cup and bottle and enlarged it 110% per the designer's directions. does this look about the right size? I think it does, but I am not very good at this type of thing
  4. printed canteen. Waiting on more filiment then I will print new cups and bottles and pack siphon. When I did the pack I was unaware that there was 2 different size Tupperware lids. I will be on ebay shortly looking for the smaller one.
  5. Thanks for the replies and clarification. I have basic approval as a sandy and want to raise myself to PO. I honestly haven't been on here with any regulatory in a long time. I had gotten confused with the older pics because I didn't see were they were not valid anymore and was just thinking that the canted radio was just another variant to the #4 pack as seen in the pics under the black pauldron area.
  6. the dish is an actual pitcher lid. are the bottles an ok size? repaint and sticker radio or whole new radio? Also I'm a little confused about the radio tilt and tape on 4. in the pictures for black pauldron the radio is straight and no tape. i I am not after swat, just plan on upgrading to officer. but i would like to get the pack right.
  7. I have an older pack (i believe dirty boy's) that has served me well. but now I want to update it. I'm printing a canteen atm. I also plan to replace the bottles. im getting tired of repainting them. are the bottles on this pack still considered correct in size? I have looked but can't find any measurements. I also plan to use battleship grey if thats correct. What else should I change, update?
  8. From Wizard of Flight. I am using a cell. Let me know if these don't come out
  9. I use a non posable one. All armor can be removed except the rt biceps and shoulder. I bought a new bicep just for the mannequin.
  10. Sounds like I will be doing a lot of practicing. Thanks
  11. I have recently done a couple of troops. I am running into a problem I did not think I would have. My accent. Even when I try to properly articulate I still have people commenting on the southern stormtrooper. At the moment I'm using an aker amp. Was thinking about adding and Icomm. What's does help at all?
  12. Cool. Thanks. I really need to finish mine.
  13. I'm also working on a 4 pack. Slowly. Could you give some measurements and pics on the tube and detonator plate please? "Also, remember the shorter mortar tube, modded detonator plate and no top cap."
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