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  1. Where did you get the drip tube? Any links for the resources? J
  2. Another very nice Mod Rocko! Where did you get your radio box? J
  3. Excellent Ares X, very innovative! I will attempt to copy your idea for mine if you don't mind. I was hoping for a great idea like this. J
  4. Does anyone know where I could find/buy an oil filter of comparible size on the top left left of the sandtrooper backpack? I have no idea what cannon the size even is? MH said it was an oil filter to a tank and almost impossible to get but I was wondering if there was a disel filter for a truck that might be the same size? J
  5. Very very cool, i'm supprised at how much it shows in the day light. Where did you get the strap? Jason
  6. That's what I thought ! I was just looking at sandtrooper pictures and all the ones I saw were 12 right eleven left. Thanks, J
  7. Does ANH Sandtroopers in SW4 have forearm armor with 13 squares or one with 11 and one 12? Have you heard that 13 is correct for the TDs? J
  8. Thanks Xavier, I know the scope is supposed to be behind the ammo cans and the outer sight where the scope is but I like the look of it this way, hence modified MG-15 J
  9. Thanks! Do we have a source for accurate Sandtrooper backpacks?
  10. Here are a couple pictures of my modified MG-15 I bought off a guy in the US. Customs totally trashed it and I had to rebuild it. Made with a plastic .45 hand gun toy, PVC pipe, two tin cans, an old wire, glue and small pieces of various metal:
  11. Here are a couple pictures of my $100.00 sandy pack. I doesn't have accurate radio boxes. It uses the snap lid tupperwere containers, good for holding things but far from screen accurate. I was bored one day and added some circutry to the back of the radio lid. I would like to attain a more accurate backpack in the future: J
  12. tk2230

    TE2 suit.

    Does the TE2 armor qualify as the most faithful re-creation of screen used ANH Sandtrooper armor or is it another case of personal preference? Jason
  13. Hi Chris. I am interested if you are willing to ship to Canada? Jason
  14. I agree with you Daetrin. I see orange as imperial military police because no military would advertise their Officers in such a way!? J
  15. We will have to design a more affordable one with our very own Mike Harrison on the back and the MEPD flash on the front? Permission requested of course. J
  16. The guy at the army/navy store said they were authentic leather Norwegian MP38/40 Mag Pouchs? I figured they looked close enough so I bought them. J
  17. Quote: They look nice, but not the accurate mp 40 model used in anh. I'm not sure what you mean? J
  18. Here are my two pouches. I was planning on putting black shoe polish to the brown one to darken it a bit:
  19. Jason Robicheau, TK-2230, 501st & Canadian Garrison member requesting MPED 501st form access.
  20. Hello, my name is Jason Robicheau and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been a member of the 501st and Canadian Garrison since 2003 as TK2230. I will be changing my TK into a TD. Currently I am in the process of having a new house built and most of my SW props/costumes are packed. I hope to have the TD conversion completed by the end of July (the fullers earth and hairspay is ready to go ). I am also working on a 501st Clone Commander bust up, a tie pilot and AT-AT driver costume. J
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