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    @Marv: Not sure what type it is; I looked for a label but could not find one that said what type of bag the frame came from @Hausi: Thanks for the welcome and the advice! I did a little test fit today, after cutting the aluminum crossbars to size. This is the result: I think it looks pretty good? Or do the seed trays need to be closer together? It's a little hard to judge from the reference photos I've looked at. Also, my Sonix is nearing completion (after hours of hand stitching the pleather surround ): Now to add or not to add the dial and the decals; that is the question! I would be inclined to add at least the dial, just because I think it looks cool I've seen builds both with and without dial and decals; the CRL doesn't mention this, so I suppose it's a matter of personal preference? (apologies if this has been discussed at length before) Finally, a shot of my siphon after priming: Just needs some black paint now! (and to attach the mushroom cap and shampoo bottle of course) Please let me know if you spot anything that can be improved! -Christian
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