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  2. Troop #12 - Summer Reading Event - Manchester Library, Manchester, CT - August 17, 2019. An annual event for the town kids....Star Wars themed parade, photo shoot, face painting.
  3. Troop #11 - TerrifiCon - Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut - August 9-11, 2019 Another huge turn-out of 501st people. We owned the Con !
  4. Thanks, Luck and the right moment, a good combination.
  5. Last week
  6. Armor arrived on Friday and I have begun the trimming process. I will take photos after the trimming is complete and after I have sanded down the edges. The overlap system of the RotJ is much easier than the ANH Sandy. Is there any chance I could be provided with the draft of the SE Sandy CRL to follow?
  7. Yes I wear it underneath the armor across the chest and it helps so much. I hope this helps you.
  8. I’m pretty sure the original vintage canteens “Gio Style” are definitely what they used on the original packs. i really can’t imagine the prop department taking off the texture as it would take far too much time and they were really in a hurry just before travelling to Tunisia!
  9. Maybe try a strip of aluminium, a lot easier to bend to shape imho!
  10. What the ****, Thomas?!? I’ve been hunting the Tabby for ages now... There was a eBay auction only a few years ago and it sold under $50 iirc, I was down in frustration for weeks back then... Congratulations, what a great find, bro! Can’t wait to see these beauties assembled by the master!
  11. I thought I was the only one having the same problem! Reading this thread got me excited seeing solutions for the problem. Does the harness go underneath the armor or outside of it when you wear it?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have a RS Full Commissioned Sandtrooper myself and got accepted with the basic standards. After having the armor for about a year already, I would highly recommend looking into other sources for rubber/accurate blasters (E-11 and DLT-19). RSPROPMASTERS DLT is pretty heavy and I personally get tired of carrying it at many of my trooping events. It’s also made out of resin, which is more delicate and likely to break after dropping it on the floor. I have tried out the rubber version of the DLT from a fellow trooper recently and the weight was such a huge difference. I’m hoping to get one soon this year. Their Fieldpack is quite heavy as well, you will feel most of the weight on your shoulders from the straps after at least an hour or so. If you got the muscles or know you can handle some weight, go for it!! [emoji1377] Through my own research and asking more questions from other members about reaching Police Officer Level 2, it will require some more work done and money just like what everyone else said previously. I’m personally not in a rush to go level 2 but I eventually want to do it maybe next year. I hope this helps and I’m more than happy to answer any other questions you have! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. 8. Brooklyn Cyclones Star Wars Night - Coney Island, 8/17/19
  14. Updated Swat List 18AUG2019 congratulations Kainan great job ! special Congrats to Hausi for his second Swat Trooper !!
  15. Congratulations (Herzliche Glückwünsche) on your second Swat Trooper !! Happy belated Birthday Tschüss Asher
  16. Troop #36. 081719. Westside Summerfest. Lots of Imperial citizens were kept safe on this night. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  17. Come on Thomas, attach those scopes to the MG... and don't forget to put your Northstar radio on your pack! Go for it mate!
  18. Rodrigo, if you need special pics - tell me. Regards Thomas
  19. That's a great collection of parts Thomas. It must had been hard/ time consuming to come by them all. Makes sense to leave them in original condition. Looks awesome! Sent from my SM-A505W using Tapatalk
  20. MARAVILLOSO.....Simply aweso0me Thomas. I´m just finisihing my MG15 build, so this pics will help me in the process. Thanks For sharing!
  21. Hi Vincent, the Enfield Scope is an No.32 MKII or MKIII
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