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Sonix Victory 75 vs. North Star MT-1809 a comparison


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I will start a comparison between the Sonix V75 and the NorthStar MT-1809.

Based on the pictures, you will see, both Radios are identical. Case, electr. components, Patent Nr. ... all identical.

The radio was probably made in license and then sold under different names. But, let´s have a look on the pics (thanks Vincent for your help)

The Case:


I think, the front plate of the NorthStar is the plate with the real lettering (117V) and they put a sticker with 220V on the 117V print, to use it in other countries.



Some pics from inside the Radios:


Look at the cuttings on the sides for the sockets.

Same components (example the speaker):


Same Patent No.:


It would be really interesting to find out which company made this radio.

You find nothing about the manufactur of Sonix, but for NorthStar you can find this information:

Swing Interlectronic Ltd., Hongkong

Swing Electronics has handled many OEM orders from their own models, for which they have made their own tools and which were then sold exclusively to department stores / importers in Europe.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer is a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer. 

What do you think about this?





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wow, that is realy interresting! it seems like the north star is a little bit beter procesed as the sonix...  but only at the inner side. maybee sonix bougt them out at the production end and sell the rest under a new name in a other country? or northstar went bankrupt?

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I think it’s great that this similarity (extremely, very) leaves the community with choices. So it’s not a definite must that the Sonix is the one to hunt for. Thanks for this comparison Thomas

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On 10/24/2019 at 6:07 AM, Nkime54 said:

I have a Sonix Victory 75 in great working condition for sale if anyone is interested. Email me at nkime54@gmail.com

We have a sales area here, please offer your radio with price and pictures there.

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