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MG-15 Re-build

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  • Location:Washingtonville, NY
  • Name:John
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A fellow garrison mate of mine who has decided to convert his TK to TD picked up a bare bones MG-15 that needed lots of TLC. He asked me to paint it up for him. Since it lacked a tremendous amount of detail and was put together pretty sloppy, I decided to take it much further. A total strip down and rebuild.
here is a list of what I did...

1. Installed new aluminum mounting brackets for all scopes.
2. Added new end cap.
3. Re-positioned the grip/trigger assembly.
4. Installed stainless steel braided coolant line.
5. Removed all mismatched screws holding the various parts together and replaced with rivets and new screws.
6. The ammo drums were plain. Added detail to drums including 25 plus raised strips to each drum (can anyone say TEDIOUS!)
7. Installed webbing across top of ammo drums.
8. New machined aluminum assembly bolt for easy barrel removal and weapon breakdown.
9. New paint and weathering, including some metallic bronze for the scopes.

Here is how it turned out...

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image


  • Location:Western Australia
  • Name:Mark
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Sweeet! :) That looks awesome John.

Yet more evidence of the high standard of your work.


  • Location:Mexico City
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Looks very impressive!
Good job!


inglorious trooper

  • Location:nottm,u.k.
  • Name:Marcus
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nice job Q!
have you got any shots of what it looked like when you got it? :thumbsup:

Dirty Boy

  • Location:Connecticut
  • Name:rick
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  • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip
Looks great man


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nice one!!!!


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  • Name:Chris
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great job!


  • Location:Argentina
  • Name:Leonardo
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Just AMAZING Jhon!!!!!!!



  • Location:tatoonie
  • Name:Rob
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very nice work...


  • Location:Orient, Ohio
  • Name:Patrick
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Hey John,

What is the exact length of the barrel shroud and the upper reciever? I am in the process of building my MG-15. I know the overall length is 42-44".

Thanks in advance


  • Location:Copenhagen
  • Name:Rolf
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Very nicely made bro, love the paint weathering job :thumbsup:

inglorious trooper

  • Location:nottm,u.k.
  • Name:Marcus
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  • Garrison:UK Garrison
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hey john,
you said a friend of yours managed to pick up the bare bones of the mg15,
is there someone who makes these or was it just a lucky find? :thumbsup:

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