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  2. ** ACTIVATED** Kainan, It is my honor to officially activate you as the second SWAT Officer of 2019. Your hard work and your attention to detail on your build has been carefully evaluated and inspected. You have met all the requirements to place you among the MEPD's Finest. Thank you for your patience throughout this process, but you can now take your place amongst the SWAT Troopers! Well done. Please submit a picture that you would like to use for your SWAT Profile to Luis (TD-5044 / "SANDMAN TIGUI") to help get you properly processed onto the SPECIAL WEAPONS and TACTICS Unit Members Page (which unfortunately isn´t working at the moment) Congratulations on successfully taking the next step as a proud member of the SANDTROOPER ELITE. Please gather your gear, charge your weapon and report to the 'Ready Room' to await further orders. Welcome aboard, SWAT OFFICER # 54 Best Regards bigwam
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  4. Congrats! Well deserved
  5. Duden15

    TD 28216 "Duden15" Tours of Duty

    Thank you Steve, had a litte break between last year and now...
  6. Kainan, absolut great work. So let´s start the last(?) review: Name: Kainan Zhu Legion ID: TD-9366 Forum Name: TR9366 Garrison: Chinese Garrison Applying for Road Block Captain "Move Along" Helmet: Green lenses: check Paint color on traps / tears: check Paint color and number of teeth: check Mic Tips: check Vocoder color: check Rank bar: check Brow: check Side Screws (ears): check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** **Result on Helmet** CHECKED & CLEARED Armor / Suit Details: Canvas straps shoulder: check Neck Seal: check Black Undersuit: check Shoulder Bells: check Biceps: check Forearms: check Pauldron: check Chest / Back Plate: check Kidney / Butt plate: check Ab plate / Side Rivets / Cod: check Strapping: check Tighs: check Shins / Calves: check Sniper Plate: check Boots: check Gloves: check Hand plates / Guards: check Ammo Belt (waist) w/ correct angled edge: check Ammo Belt (right knee): check Canvas Belt: check Pouches: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** **Result on Armor** CHECKED & CLEARED BACKPACK **Additional Comments** **Result on Armor** CHECKED & CLEARED WEAPON: E-11 Tunisian Blaster Details: check Weathering: check **Additional Comments** **Result on Weapon** CHECKED & CLEARED Kainan, it took a long time. You never gave up, you worked your way through it. I congratulate you on this really good work! Please stand by for the final decision of the SWAT panel. Put the champagne cold! Best Regards, bigwam.
  7. murray1134

    TD-5990 Tour of Duty (21 Troops)

    21. Celebration Chicago, April 14th, 2019
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  9. Wow man, swift and amazing work, well done Kainan!
  10. Hi Bigwam! Thank you for your advices and encouragement. I started working at once, here are my new pics。 Armor completely dressed: Adding dirt spots: 1. ab plate 2. backside of the thigh 3. right shoulder bell 4. letf shoulder bell Pouches: 1.blacken the cut edges 2. crumpled surface Restoring the detail on the top of the right thigh: Please let me know what else I can do to improve. Thanks again!
  11. Hausi

    TD-18969 (DarthStevius) Tour of Duty - 44 Arrests

    Great pic with those colonial marines! Guy on the right might have the bigger gun... but you still look way cooler!
  12. Lady_Curtis17

    First Sand Trooper in Progress...

    Thanks guys!! I am very happy, I love being able to share this hobby with my husband and having my own kit is exciting. One of our friends actually put together the kit so he was able to help us make those adjustments. I’ll post an update late today [emoji3526] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hausi

    First Sand Trooper in Progress...

    Hey Tori, welcome to the MEPD looks very cool already! And what is even more important, you look extremely happy You have done a good job in making that kit fit but RebelHunter is right, the chest is sitting very low, I assume you are one of the smaller troopers, you can fix that problem by widening the neck opening and shortening the two pieces where you have attached the shoulder straps, don't worry about the returnedge as it won't be visible because of the pauldron anyway. That way you should be able to move the chest up.
  14. DarthStevius

    TD-18969 (DarthStevius) Tour of Duty - 44 Arrests

    Arrest #0044 (of 53) , Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal , Apr 19, 2019 Almost couldn't find a pic for this event, we were so busy having pictures taken for everyone else - so this will have to do.
  15. RebelHunter

    First Sand Trooper in Progress...

    Hi i am not a TD yet, but working on my too .. but what looks odd to me in comparrison to the crl and movie picture is that your chest sits very low and your thighs can go up a bit but i am not an expert and i am sure omeone with more experinces will join
  16. Last week
  17. Ok Kainan, let´s go! First, let me say - I am thrilled about your work, a big leap forward! Before we cross the finish line, I have a few small points that we noticed but are very easy and quick to fix: There are some spots, where i miss some distinctive points: The pouch: Please blacken the cut edges and give the pouch a crumpled look. Watch out for the kink. One last thing. Is it possible to restore this detail? If it is not possible and you need a new piece of armor for it, leave it. If you can restore it, ok. Kainan, a few little things left. I can already smell the fragrance of the SWAT! For the final picture please show us the armor again completely dressed, please not on the display. Best Regards, bigwam.
  18. LoveMonkey

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    @Z_MAN access granted, welcome!
  19. YVH

    Hello. It is TD6022 YVH.
    Didn't you find your own image from the police officer list?
    Has the specification changed anew? I'm glad if you can tell me.

    Hiroshi Mitsuhashi TD6022 JapaneseGarrison YVH

  20. henselmonster

    Greetings from Mimban

    Looking great!
  21. Omegastriker

    Greetings from Mimban

    Final edition of my Mimban. Removed a bunch of mud to lighten it up. It was a huge hit at Celebration! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  22. Z_MAN

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Simon Humer TD26619 requesting Sandtrooper access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30236 Thanks, Simon.
  23. Sandman Tigui

    PO & SWAT Pics for Artwork

    Revising my Imperial Duties, I see that I have every pic sent by you troopers up to date. If I'm missing someone please let me know to artwork you asap!!!
  24. swtnam91

    Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

    Thought I had my wife convinced of joining the dirty side but then she saw this. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  25. swtnam91

    Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

    Going through more photos. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  26. HansVader

    TD-34221 "HansVader's" tour of duty.

    Ok not a tour of duty,being from Florida it was to much to transport but representing MEPD @ celebration and around Chicago! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Adam Trussoni

    WTF Sandie in progress. Full of questions

    Thanks for the information! I started to install the straps last night, measured my waist in armor, and ordered the canvas belt.
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